topping "irregular" plant. first time grower.

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  1. First time posting, but i have been lurking the forums here since my wife and i decided to start a grow about two months ago. After two weeks of research into the process of growing bud, we ordered everything and spent a weekend setting up. Our system:
    Light: homdox 300 watt led wich as far as i can tell is a mars hydro clone.
    Medium/system: expanded clay pellets with a generic dwc five gallon bucket with a supplemental topside drip provided by a small fountain pump.
    Nutriton: General hydroponics micro/flora/bloom and GH for ph controll as well.
    Temp/humidity : low temp is not much of a problem, but when nights are cold i have a dish heater controlled with a reptile thermostat. High temps are dealt with by two vent fans. One on the floor pulling cold air from the crawlspace and one high on the wall that vents out the roof. Humidity is not much of an issue in this part of oregon.

    Plant: blue widdow clone. (white widdow x blueberry)

    I have had the plant going for a little under three weeks and it has gone from 15 leaves to well over 100 in this time. I planned on topping the plant when it reached 6 nodes tall, but i have yet to get a pair of nodes in a v formation. The heavy branches are growing in a staggered pattern and dont seem to be condusive to the technique i have read about. I was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend were to top a plant that is not growing in a uniform way. 20160410_204746.jpg 20160414_164739.jpg 20160502_205023.jpg 20160503_204229.jpg
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  2. You can top a plant at any node, when i top i do the first one around 5 or 6 nodes usually then i keep topping all the side nodes as they come up. I guess the point is it doesn't matter, top them all. When you top high ones lower ones will catch up for a couple days. You can top any and all of them just don't do them all in one day. I'd top two or three upper nodes every other day personally until i've got enough tops or i run out.
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  3. Thanks man, I just got done topping the plant thanks to your advice. I also went in with the intent to start LSTing, but i could not find a branch that would benefit from being pulled down or to the side. So far its just naturally growing really bushy.

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  4. Looking good GreenThumbGreg.
  5. Thanks a bunch bunks. Took a pic in better light. Led makes the pictures realy deceptive. 20160504_121033.jpg
  6. What i do when i top my soil plants, best method out of two i've used is i topped around the 5th or 6th node and wait a few days then i bend the plant over at the top as far down as i can without breaking her i tie her over on her side. All the lower growth gets more light and turns up to grow towards the light then i top all of those as they come up and the tops i top again too. On my first run i ended up with about 30 tops per plant doing that. in soil each topping will stall the plant for a few days, time stacks up when topping. LST doesn't waste any time. Using both seems to be key.
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  7. I had planned to top at that spot originally. Being a new grower I was a bit apprehensive about topping until i saw that v form so i could cut the main node out.All of the material I had seen always used that v point in demonstrations and none of it had shown a plant being topped without using that point as their only suggestion of were to cut. But after your first post and a little bud to help with my too often literal thinking, I was able to better conceptualize the process the plant would go through.

    As far as i can tell, all of my other branches are already coming out nearly horizontally. That is what I meant about not seeing a place to start lsting. But as far as bending her over sideways, would you suggest that I choose the side with the least amount of solid branches and bend towards that? My plant is already very bushy as is, so I would have to choose several branches to basically get rid of or let wither because of the "irregular" way that the plant grew.

    My other question would be, if I am planning a long term veg (switching to flower late June, early July) would it be more effective to spend a couple weeks topping till I have 8 or so really good main lines, or to bend her over and try and prompt the side ones to prep for flowering? Or am I just overthinking the whole damn thing again? 20160505_080515.jpg
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  8. That's a beauty!

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