Topping for multiple stalks?

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  1. :confused: I can see in some of these pictures that have been posted and in pictures elsewhere that it is common for plants to have more than one stalk. I talked to a friend of mine about this and he says that I have to do something called "topping". I guess cutting off a portion of the top of the plant or something? If somebody could clarify this for me, I would appreciate it.
    My girl is about one foot four inches right now.

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    And if anybody could tell me the easiest way to recall the threads that I have started, that would help too.. Thanks.
  2. In this forum at the top there is a sticky called "Fimming & Topping made easy"
    read that through and throough, then when you're done... read it again... that should have everything you need...

    you can track threads by subscribing to them... so everytime someone responds itll send you an email. At the top you will see "Thread Tools" click that, then click "Subscribe to thread" everytime a response happens, you get an email

    good luck


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