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    I was just wondering when should i stop (if i should at all) topping a plant if i want to start flowering it?

    Lets say i top a plant.. after being topped if i want to flower it how long should i wait? I have done quite a bit of reading and haven't seen anything on this. I have read that the more you top the longer you have to veg. I am just kinda trying to figure out where to draw the line on topping/fimming So i can think about starting to flower.

    any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. I top at about 3 weeks and only once. I wouldnt top when flowering, it's counter productive. I'd wait at least a week after topping to induce 12/12.
  3. that is exactly what i was looking for.

    As for only topping once, what is the reasoning for that? Everyone ive read about say they top/fim the shit out of their plants.
  4. I dont veg that long (about 5-6 weeks from sprout) and by the time my plant recovers from the first topping its time to flip the lights.
  5. It depends on how long you plan to veg.

    I would wait 1-2 weeks between topping and flowering.

    Good luck.
  6. i was told to flower only when i start to get Alt nodes. Is this something ALWAYS done? or can you just flower anytime you feel like it? I get the basic ideas of all this just kinda wanting to refine it a bit.
  7. You can flower anytime you feel like it. Just remember. The longer you veg, the bigger your harvest.

    Good luck.
  8. Thanks guys. You all have been a big help in leading me in the right direction.
  9. cant you hermie your plants if you top and fim too much??? totally outta left field i know.....

    but this was helpful... thanks
  10. From what i have read any kind of stress can turn them hermie. I think the leading cause of that though is light leaks.

    Also the strain i am growing is Blue Mystic. I just topped them a few days ago, so ill wait about another week and start flowering them. They have been in veg for about 6 weeks give or take. 3 plants total. i am practicing LST on one of them, and just topping the other two (I am also kinda bending the branches and such on the other two, just nothing like LST'n the other one.
  11. you have a journal?

    i was kinda bent on LSTing my second grow but topping has paid off for my friends in the past too so im kinda torn

    i might do what you were saying and do both, that solves it lol
  12. I still have yet to see a reason to top at all. LST yes, but top? Nah. I dunno. Me personally, I did a noobish LST and I let it run way longer than average(about 7 months veg) and Just recently started flowering, and she seems to be doing awesome. But then again results may vary.
  13. Na, i didn't do a journal on my first grow since most of it was half assed. I am just growing these three as a learning exp. I planed to do a real and proper grow as soon as i am done with these.

    As far as the LST method goes I do think its better overall. I also think i will do ScroG as opposed to using hooks or weights. I think dealing with the hooks and such are just kinda a pain in the ass.

    The seeds were all free so im not really to worried about wasting any. I have like 40 Blue Mystic seeds.

    for my second (real grow) i wanna start a perpetual grow. I just need to learn a bit more about how to keep mothers going and such. I haven't seen much on that. I think just one guide.

    I plan to get two grow tents and maybe do 4 veg in one and 4 flower in another. and maybe a smaller tent or something for clones and a mother. Nothing is set in stone yet though.

  14. I do not know nearly enough to have a comment or an answer on that, lol. I know topping just makes a shorter/bushier plant. LST... i have seen alot of ways to LST and i think the easiest one is just to go ahead and use ScroG. That is just what i plan on doing.

  15. I didnt touch scrog, I just did weighted down my branches at first and then used paperclips to hold them to the sides of my planter. Check out my grow and you can see what Imean.
  16. Thats a pretty nice plant you have/had. On the one i am using LST on i did alot more then what you seem to have done.

    I can't keep myself from screwing with it though. Like sometimes i thought i was doing it wrong and when i thought i got it right... i dunno i guess thats just the first time grower in me. I do like the twine and fishing weights better then using hooks to keep her down though. I will think about doing that at some point i think.
  17. I have only topped plants that would grow too tall for the space. It's my understanding that the older a plant is before you swap the photoperiod, the larger the harvest. The trade off is in the time it takes.

    Submitted for your approval,
  18. I thought i would add a few pictures. I know they are not perfect, BUT it is my very first grow. The LST isn't all that great and the other two i just topped and kinda bend the stems and such a little at a time. One of the plants (im sure you will be able to tell) got a little nute burn, lol. I pulled it back from the edge of death.

    I am glad i did give it nute burn though because it gave an an idea of how easy it is to actually do it. I also noticed from topping it slows the growth down a good bit. At least here it did. I also read a good bit on the forums about removing fan leaves from the one i did the LST on. I didn't want to do it at first, but i just didn't have the room and they started to block a lot of light. I think that has something to do with me not doing all that great of a job in the start though.

    Well here you go (if i can figure out how to post pics on here w/o using photobucket. Nvm i figured it out, i think. Life stoned is an exp to be had, haha

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