Topping/FIMming clone with alternating nodes

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  1. Is it still possible to top/FIM a clone that has alternating nodes? If so, how do I got about it? Would I just top the new growths on the individual nodes?
  2. I'll provide a few pics to help out my cause :smoking:

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  3. I was wondering this also when I first got my clones... never got an answer though.

    Ended up doing some LST (minimal) and now theres 6 main colas... so if you dont get an answer, just try out some lst

  4. This is what i wanted to know also! My friend gave me his plant fully vegged, n i wanted to top it then veg another 3 weeks before flowering but it had alt. nodes so i didnt. I would really like to know this answer, it would help everyone out...

    what i would do is grow 2 plants and wait till one of them has alt. nodes and top/fem it to see what happend..then report back to GC and make it a sticky
  5. Thanks for the input guys, I've tried searching all over and couldn't find much on the topic. I know that several people have had to have tried this on these forums because I can't see it as being much of an uncommon thing. So, I think an answer would really help out a lot of ppl here :D

    Well I have 2 clones, they were cheap, and this is all an experiment because its my first grow. So what I may do is just start fiddling around with one of em and leave the other alone. I may or may not LST the one I decide to mess around with guess I'll just have to see.

    Thanks guys! Hope to get some more answers soon!

  6. so you have clones that your asking this question about?? i thought u had a normal grow(planting seeds yourself). This would prolly work if i was you(had 2 clones) just make sure the one u dont top, to keep good care of!!

    What kind of lighting are you using and soil,nutes
    Oh and what clone is the off of...I.E. bagseed or specific strain?:smoking:
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    Yeah like it says above in my initial question I wanted to know if it was possible to top/FIM a clone with alternating nodes, haha even says it in the title.

    As for the soil, I am unaware of because I received the clones from a buddy of mine. It appears to me to be mostly peat moss, but they are getting moved into some Scotts soil tonight and I'm just gonna feed them regular water for now.

    Not gonna use any nutes on them yet, I've been experimenting with nute effects on some of my other bagseed plants I'm growing just for my own benefit to better my know-how of the effects. I'm sure they'll make their way into a post on here somewhere.

    As for lights they are under 6 27w 5500k CFLs right now. Right now the lights are probably a good 3" from the plants themselves.

    The strain of the clones are Soul Diesel too btw. I've already smoked it and seen the mommas growing nice and perty, so I can't wait to have a pretty lady of my own! :D
  8. This is ridiculous. I've searched on multiple cannabis forums and not a SINGLE answer as to how to go about topping or fimming altnerating nodes. My research tells me that almost all clones will have alternating nodes and preflowers since the mothers have most likely been kept as mothers for a few months which is guaranteed them to become sexually mature.

    So that being said, that means A LOT of people have alternating node clones, and yet there isn't a single piece of guidance out there on how to top or fim this type of grow pattern? Seriously??
  9. Dude, this thread is from 2009...No sense in resurrecting ancient threads.

    Btw, all the guys in this thread were way overthinking it. You just top the growth at the very top of the clone. Not growth at every node. Idk how they got so confused on that. The pics on the grow weed easy website "topping/FIMing" page show right where to cut. Pretty simple.
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  10. I resurrected it because it asks the exact question i would ask by making a new thread, i figured i'd just continue this one since it never got answered.

    Yeah for my shorter plants i have no issue just taking off the top growth. But some of my plants a much taller than the others and for those i would like to chop off somewhere lower from the top on the stem to even them all out to the same rough height. That puts me at a dilemma when every node only has on branch coming out from it.
  11. LST the tall plants and only cut the top. Just tie it down so it's at the height of the others. I LST all my clones right after topping.
  12. All of these clones will be getting scrogged. So that is essentially LSTing them right? I just wanted them to be the same height before dropping the screen on them
  13. Yes, technically scrog is a form of LST. But, by LSTing your plants during veg by actually tying branches down can help create a larger, bushier plant with more tops which will greatly benefit you when you put the screen over the plants.
  14. To bring a true answer to the question "can you top/fim a clone with alternating nodes?". Yes, but the only reason to do so would be for controlling height. Once there's alternating nodes, the main reason for topping or fimming isn't possible. Topping/fimming is for getting two main colas out of one, for this to work the nodes have to still be parallel, once alternating all you accomplish is removing the main stem and transferring the main cola to the branch just below where you cut.

    Hope this helps. Like stated above, LST would be your best option at this point, unless you have parallel nodes further down that you'd be willing to cut to.

    Happy smoke trails. :love-m3j:

  15. Great, thank you for the straight forward reply. Take a look at this top i did, its with alternating nodes but the next node down is pretty darn close. I think it should turn into a top as well, what do you think?

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  16. Don't waste you're time topping a Scrog. I used to now I don't and my nets fill faster. When you top you remove 1 bud top so 2 other bud sites form tops. This diverts energy from growth into energy to heal the damage.
    When you Scrog you keep all the bud sites and each one along the bent stem becomes a new top. Topping costs you a top.

    I was an advocate of Topping my Scrogs years back until a grower asked me to try not topping. It was hard to break the habit but I'm so glad I did. I never top plants I lst or Scrog anymore. Waste of time

    You can just as easily top a clone with alternating nodes as you can a plant grown from seed. I used to when i topped. Topping a clone will still cause the lower bud sites to grow larger but it's still a waste in a scrog
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  17. Being that close they will likely grow fairly close in height, whichever one is taller you could always cut back to even them as they grow if it looks like they'll kinda match up. Better yet, just pull her over and wrap around the edge of the pot as it grows and all your branches will be relatively even, and if so desired you could top/cut clones as needed to keep your canopy even.

    I have a mother plant that I have the main stem wrapping around the rim of the pot. The main stem isn't actually that long, but I have 11 side branches that are nice and tall, she's ready to give 8"+ clones and that'd keep the canopy even so they'll all grow relatively even and produce more clone areas ready to cut. If I flowered her now, she'd have 11 cola sights getting lots of light.

    Just something to think about.
  18. Well said.

  19. "I never top plants I lst or Scrog anymore."

    Can you fix that sentence so I'm sure I understand it as you meant it?

    Also on a side-note, could i FIM the 2 new colas that will be produced by the result of my TOPing? Normally people TOP, then TOP the 2 new ones again resulting in 4 main colas. Could i just FIM the 2 new colas to potentially have each produce more than 2, maybe 4 each from the 2 new colas that i produced?
  20. There's nothing to fix. It's a pretty simple sentence.

    I don't waste time fimming plants that have been LST'd or scrogged either.

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