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  1. since my last post of plants to tall I understand there is no way to determine how tall my plants will be ...

    But through that has come some research and I'm looking into topping / FIMing

    Few questions.

    How big should your plant be before you top/fim

    Should you top or fim first? I have read slot on this but no one says to do one or the other first. Maybe it's a dumb question...Idk I'm here to learn

    How many times should you top/fim your plant? Does it become counter productive?
  2. It slows them down for a a few days because it shifts resources to the two little node beside the topped branch and they become tops. I top and low stress train mine, supercrop if needed. Eeveryone does it a little different. There's lot of tutorial vids up on youtube and plenty of images of proper topping out there. It's not counter productive, it improves your yield but does tack a little time onto your grow. But think about it you can add a week or two to veg and get 30 tops instead of 10. I never tried fimming.
  3. I understand how to do it but I guess my questions are more personal preference
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    You should top first, fimming looks harder and i've seen people mess up their plants doing it badly. That's my noob opinion. =)

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  6. Probably not worth it in the solo cup, that's not to say you can't.

  7. Hey guys, dropping in to share my opinion...

    Since you're learning about topping, (Fuck I Missed, which was ATTEMPTED topping in the first place that became a technique unto itself), and LST, I thought I'd pipe in and recommend spending your time learning about 'Mainlining' which, in my OPINION, APPEARS (to me) to be the single most effective plant training methodology to date. I will certainly be utilizing the Mainline technique in my garden.

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  8. Hey sensei:
    Sorry don't mean to jack the thread G.Viking but I've been searching for awhile and can't find anything on when to top 2nd time for the 4 main colas.. I topped 4 day ago.. This is what she looks like [​IMG]

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  9. Looking good, @paka just gotta train those so they separate. Also, you probably just need to keep you're two main fan leaves as well. The rest you can take off. She should look pretty naked. Two fan leaves and two tops. Train those tops apart and when they grow enough to show a few nodes, then you can repeat the process.


    That's what she should look like right now. Two fan leaves and two tops. See how the growing tops have been pinched and bent a little to grow away from each other? When those branches mature a little bit more it will be time to top them into 4.
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  10. Hey guys. Another question.

    So I topped my plants maybe 2-3 weeks ago and they loved it. The plants grow has exploded since then and the side shoots have caught up with the top canopy.

    I'm wondering how often can I top them? I would like to top all the shoots that have risen to the top.

    Now mind you these plants will have a long time to veg. They will be vegging for 5-6 months before going outside to flower.
  11. Wish I could quote some science on this, but generally after new growth explodes you should be safe to top again. Obviously, you have to wait long enough for the node to develop before topping it.

    I never remove more than 30% of the plant at a time, whether it be for topping or cloning. I have used up to 60% of fresh shoots while cloning, but only in an emergency. Anything more than that and I'll just harvest the whole mum for clones and start a new mum.

    Now the reason I mention this about cloning is plant stress. Topping and cloning are felt by the plant in the same way, as stress, so it's important to give them a chance to fully recover between topping/cloning events. Also, I feed all my mums and topped plants with Aussie Tonic, it's full of B vitamins and I rarely have any issues caused by stress.

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