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topping, fim yield?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by blackmore, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. ive read plenty of posts saying topping and fimming increases yield.
    and plenty others that say the yield gets distributed among the buds.

    which is true?

    does anyone have any #s to support their answer.

    and LST too. does LST actually increase yield or not? or is it just a space saver?
  2. The best reason to top a plant is to increase the bud sites on the maristem of the plant.

    I don't practice this technique, personally, but it can be practical to help accomodate the growing space and lighting.

    Some states have a higher penalty if you exceed a certain number of plants, and fimming is a good way to increase the plant size, without increasing the number of plants that would get you a longer prison sentence.

    LST is the way I go when I need to keep the plant in the light.

    Training the plants to conform to the available light, can really improve the yield from low watt grows.

    Here are some links to some fimming threads.



    Another: http://www.ukcultivator.biz/archive/index.php/t-7185.html
  3. thanks earl. i like your show.
  4. so if i were to provide adequate light from all angles to the plant, i wouldnt need to do any of this topping fimming crap?
    yield would unaffected?
  5. There are a few obvious ways to increase production. First, more plants, but like Earl said more plants can be too risky for two growers. Second, more light. This too is infeasible for some growers. Fimming/topping = more bud sites in a smaller area, so it allows growers to increase yield without increasing resource usage (space, light, plants, time). A non-fimmed/topped plant can have as many bud sites as one that has been fimmed/topped, but it will need to consume more space and take more time to grow.

    Maximize output, minimize input.
  6. I'm a big fan of topping my plants. Sometimes twice if I am leaving them in veg for awhile. I think it absolutely increases yield. After a couple of weeks in flowering I trim off all leaves and bud sites half way up the plant and flower out the colas on the tops.
  7. Topping and fimming will make more tops obviously. But you can get the exact same effect with LST without chopping up your plants. I personally do a combo and have had pretty good success with it. If you are growing a few plants top some, fim some and lst the others. No better way to find out huh? Thats how i did it. Check out http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-journals/188091-first-personal-indoor-grow-2.html I got some pics of all 3 i believe.
  8. indoor grows are usually quick finishing, so why stunt your plant by topping. LST worked so good outdoor for me, i feel giving more than double the yield i would have recieved. I would top outside, but i dont think i would inside, LST is the way to go inside, because most branches turn into tops anyways and you arent stunted for a bit. The less stress a plant has the faster it will grow, and by bending the plant sideways, pretty much every fan leaf gets touched by light, further speeding up growth. Thats all an opinion tho, makes sence me thinks. Ill prolly try topping next year, when i start off indoors and then trans to outdoors when weather permits.

    P.S. LST had no effect on the height of my 9ft tall beast. Maybe it was just the strain(mango soma), but some say LST is used to control height, maybe if you keep it bent over, but not if you release like i did. Check out my thread in th outdoor grows under mango soma.
  9. I read that topping is the ONLY way to grow Blueberry, but it was a passing remark. Does anyone have knowledge about this? I generally LST but the BB has hollow stems and breaks like snap beans.
    Another alternative is to just leave it alone!

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