Topping during pre-flowering?

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  1. Can I top during pre-flowering?

    Just to make it clear, when I say pre-flowering I'm refering to the period of time that goes from the beggining of flowering until buds start to show up. This mean the period of time in which the plant just stretches right before bud formation takes place.
    Im pretty aware that plants are not supposed to be topped when they have entered the flowering period, but Im not sure about theaforementioned time lapse.

    Now, why the urge to top at such an inconvenient moment of the plant's life?
    Right now im growing Super Silver Haze. Prior to this I grew Nevilles Haze which took around 3 weeks to show any signs of buds and stretched insanely after it entered its flowering period.
    Sativas tend to strech alot when switched to 12/12 but haze is just absurd and SSH is no exception.
    My plants have turned 2 weeks today and I have this dilema of whether shoukd I wait untill the plant grow 4-5 nodes, switching to 12/12 and topping or just switching to 12/12 right away and start LSTing.

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  2. I would not do it----only very last resort. Instead I would super crop the snot out of them.
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    You can start 12/12 when you like but the plant won't go into flower until it's mature, so there's no point in depriving the plant of light. Your plants look healthy but they look like indica hybrids to me, not a haze. Good luck with your grow.
  4. gorilla glue 4 IMHO = streeetch
  5. Hey there.
    Wouldn't they be much smaller if i 12/12 right now than in a month or so?
    I also thought the leaves look rather wide, but unless they fked up when packaging, the source is reliable.

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  6. Hey man!
    Could you give me some insight regarding why wouldn't you do it? Is it gonna slow down too much the plants growing?
    Ive never been much of a fan when it comes to super cropping, tho the results are quite fabulous,I find the act of "breaking" the branch a bit...cruel?
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  7. Yes, if you do 12/12 from seed the plants will be much smaller because of less light time for growth. I would veg for 4 weeks and consider a scrog.
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  8. yes i would top the plant like mad, my last grow was Super Silver Haze, flowered it at 12" and it grew 5ft, i was topping the plant, 3 weeks in flower (I was not happy but the plants was growing into the hps so had no choice )
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  9. sure...worried you will you lose flower sites, and change the hormone profile of the plant. . Super cropping (while damaging too) seems like a better option. I don't have science to back this just experience with super cropping and its benefits. I really have not seen a negative effect from it.
  10. I am very lucky as i have a seed bank, 15 mins up the road with about every strain I could hope for :)
    gorilla glue looks great so i want to give them a go when i am finished with my current strain (skunk 1)
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  11. Nearest decent bank is like 3 hours away from me... grrr.
    Its absolute supers if u get it right. I love any strains with sd in them absolute crushing strain

    my latest creation..... SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
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