Topping. could it be any simpler?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SuiJuris, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. Ok,

    I have been trying to figure this topping thing out for a long time now, and obviously, I'm still having trouble with it... Here is my understanding:

    Cut right below where the petioles meet at the top of the plant (must it be the tip of the plant? the unfolding new growth tip?) and in a week I should see ? two new growth tops from the point where I cut? or does the plant just seal the cut and then focus its energy to make the axial stems become the primary shoots?
    if i wanted to root the top, then I shouldnt cut right below, but instead leave enough to plant into the soil. ? correct

    now fimming... what i did is I waited for new growth to apear at the tip of the plant and then I just sliced about a quarter up from the leaves ... as the pictures and descriptions on overgrow didnt help me much, I have three new growths coming from this, so I assume I did it correctly, yet the one I topped, just grew a 'scab' and does not appear to be showing signs of new growth, i did this to the fifth set of leaves (node?) alright thats it, thanks for any help as always...cya
  2. you got the basics on what to do right... topping is to make shorter stubbier plants... topping a plant focus's thje growing energy on teh bottom part of your plants instead of the top part... and yes sometimes your planmt will split into to seperate stems on where you topped.
  3. SO topping does not always mean that branching will occur?
  4. hey hows it goin im about 3 weeks into my first grow, im useing a aeroponic/fogg system. they are about 17 inches tall atm and im going to flower them tomorrow and i havent tops them at all, can i start topping them now or would that be a bad idea? and should i top all of the crowns that are growing or inly the middle one?
  5. well i'm not an experienced grower, but i've read so much i've seen your question asked before. Most people say you shouldn't top at least a week before flowering because of the stress you will cause your plant. When it goes into flowering you want it to be stress free and focus all the plants energy on producing buds...not recovering from your cut. So most usually top 3rd or 4 the week but thats when they veg for longer than you have. So i would top and just allow the plants 1 or 2 more weeks to recover then go into flowering. If any experienced growers disagree, please don't insult me i'm jus tryin to help this guy out.

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