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  1. Wasup home pickles,

    I was wondering if these 2 clones are big enough to be topped. And also could someone advise me on where to top a clone with alternating nodes. I've provided a pic if someone could just copy it and draw me a line on where they think is best.





  2. basically you top any where any time. alternating nodes.... the top two most nodes will become more even to on another. and the section you cut off will just be pushed off to the side and in a week or two will just look like you cut a fan leaf off
  3. So not point in topping?

  4. Topping slows growth. It's one of my least favorite training methods if I want to make a plant veg fast. I will use topping to slow a plant down that's getting too big. There's many ways to get more tops and a more even top canopy without actually topping the plants. I've settled into a random easy mode training method and mine end up like bushes every time with little effort.

    What I would do with that plant is I would pinch the stem a few times and gently bend the main top over carefully until the stem creases and the top half of the plant bends over. This will cause light to get to the lower grow tips. The main tops will also turn back up towards the light in a day or two. As the crease heals it will form a hard knuckle and be stronger then it was. As the plant grows gently bend the competing tops away from the main to allow them to compete for light and reach towards the top of the canopy. You'll have a bush in no time and will have to remove much of the lower growth before flower.

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  5. Ty t-bone for the tip. I wasn't sure what pinching did before.

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  6. I just ran into my 1st strain that did not react well to Supercropping.. Gorilla Wreck#4 (Gorilla Glue#4 x Trainwreck).
    Plant was about 4+ weeks old and the supercropped tops went into shock for 2 days before they recovered. other plants I supercropped straightened up in a few hrs! Damn..I want clones from her too..down to my last 2 seeds! (too expensive $125 for 5 fems). I have plenty of time so she was topped a few weeks back. She did just fine with topping and never stopped growing. These plants do some strange things (as do we..LOL)
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  7. I decided to top one and leave the other one. We shall see what happens in a week or so

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  8. What a joke... imagine the cash these guys are making... when a single medium sized plant can produce many thousands of seeds.

    I highly suggest making your own and then freezing them or simply go the clone route.

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