topping autoflowering plants

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  1. can sum one tell me if its possible to top an autoflowering plant, and if so with the short life cycle how many tymes do u think i can top it b4 it get to the flowering stage.? help me out let me kno sompin
  2. everytime you top it you are causing the plant stress and slowing down growth and with an autoflower thats realy not going to help the little babies ion my opinion
  3. don't do it. by the time it takes to grow 2 new tops, it will cut short your flowering time by at least a week, maybe 2. being they show sex at 21 days (before the 5th set of leaves arrives), it's not worth the stress and loss of yield, which is what will happen.
  4. i'm interested in the answer to this question as well, and would very much like to hear from somebody who has done it themselves. many seem to think it's a bad idea, and yet others claim to have done it, and with good enough results.

    edit: and to holiwood420-- i don't mean to imply that i don't believe what you say, i'm just curious to hear more.
  5. Doesn't seem like there's much of a reason to. Autoflowering plants end up super short anyway.

  6. this may be true in many situations involving autoflowers, but not all. i for one have grown some auto-ak47 that reached over 3 feet tall. not a record height for an mj plant, i know, but definitely too tall to cram into a tiny stealth box.

    currently, as a just-for-giggles grow to pass time till i can again run a legit setup, i'm growing another auto-ak47 in a space without too much vertical room. i've thought that, if it seems feasible at all, topping the girl may keep her short enough to flower comfortably.
  7. Why top? LST. Ty down gives you all the same vertical control without the stunt in growth.
  8. I agree with Norcali, when she gets about 3 nodes high, just pin her down sideways. All your secondary branches will start reaching up and become individual colas.
  9. ah of course. that i shall likely try. thanks guys.
  10. lst would be much better suited for auto's than topping (just from my experience). my auto's never got to be quite 10" tall, but i have seen some monsters on here. i guess each plant is different and should be treated as such. lst or topping wouldn't have helped mine at all but i have seen others where it would have been ideal.

    i didn't take any offense to it, i'd want more opinions too, i was just relaying personal experience :)

  11. yea i kno. thats what was confusing me

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