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  1. i started experimenting with autoflowers. i bought ten seeds from the Vancouver Seed Bank, and decided to top one of them to compare results to a regular plant. I have ended up with 6 females and out of the 6 i have one that i topped just after the second node.

    so far it looks as though the topped plant has the lead in size, growth rate and root structure. All 6 Autoflowers have the same medium (promix), light, nutrients, and care.

    1 x 1000 w MH
    1/2 strength 20-20-20 fert
    1/2 strength pro cal/mg
    1/2 strength vit B

    The results are surprising. i was under the impression that autoflowers should not be topped because of their short life span. but since i topped, the plant has exploded with growth , and has passed all other 5 females by far in size and growth rate. I will continue to post pics as the flower and report the difference in yields between the topped plant and the non-topped plant.

    Thanks for looking:smoke:


    The non-topped plant was the biggest of the autoflowers


    Autoflower topped after the second set of leaves grew


    Close view of where i topped. After topping the growth exploded, creating 4 main shoots

    view of growth in the non-topped autoflower
  2. I always have the Hps going with the mh, Autoflowers in my opinion dont thrive under just a MH
  3. How old was the plant when you topped it?

    I have some that are about 3-4 weeks old and am considering topping some...
  4. I topped after the second set of leaves. Probably 2 weeks.

    I also just bought 1000w HPS to replace the MH.

    Topped autoflower just showed female sex. Good thing cause she is strong!!!
  5. I've Topped, LST and Pruned Auto's (also seen scrog used)..Don't listen to those who say its bad. As long as its done early your plants will be fine.
  6. I topped mine, it turned out great, yielded allot more then the others but required about twice as much to get it.. so plant vs plant.. topping an auto flower makes it better for sure if you dont mind it taking longer.

    also, when you initially plant it, avoid planting in a cup then transplanting like you do with regular plants..

    start it out, in its FINAL grow container like 3gal or 5gal container so the roots are not restrained.. for some reason, and this is untested by me yet, i think restrained roots are a contributing factor in the over all size of the auto flower, but genetics are as well.

    however, auto flowers in themselves are just a goldmine for seedbanks, i much prefer regular flowering buds.. but auto flower makes some crystally buds under led, and twice as fast as regular nugs too.
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  7. yea like what hes saying, if you want to top the plant, then do it in its early stages, like its 3rd or 4th node. otherwise you'll see some buds popping and its game over ;P
  8. Very interesting... hmmm you should post a "PROOF OF THE PUDDING" thread or post next time you do it so you can prove the concept. Pics and what not from start to finish.

    I'm sure that there is a right and wrong time to top a auto, like your saying 3rd or 4th node. I think that more experiments will help to nail down the right time exactly when to top it for the most from our ladies. Who know you might be on to something everyone is afraid to do. ^_^
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  9. Your topped plant may of outgrown the others anyway so I think much further research is needed. It's an interesting idea given my logic dictates you would get diminished returns. I have not tried this myself but ill definitely give it some thought.

    I have 15 Lowryder #2s germinating right now, ill top 5 of them and post my results. For now ill top them once 3 pairs of leaves have shown. If the experiment goes well on the next grow I will top half of them (most likely 30 plants) and top at 2 stages, maybe at the 4th pair of leaves and the 2nd pair and see which does better.

    Of course if all my first 5 test subjects produce less bud to start with the experiment will be abandoned
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  10. How is going your experiment buddy?
  11. I have 2 topped autos, the 60 day wonder has gotten ridiculous. Bud sites ALL OVER! I topped and fm'd in multiple places all over around day 20 and she rapidly grew all vegitative and flower sites back. it pretty much kicked off flower time and was great. i have a trans siberian that i did the same thing to and she is really starting to produce big nugs, although i think she will be a week or so later than the 60 day wonder
  12. Enjoy that 60 Day Wonder!! I grew one this summer and absolutely loved it.
  13. I yielded ALOT with my autoflowers, check out my sig i can't repost pictures since they're already on that one. Topping is the way to go, around the 3rd week
  14. Trans siberian

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