topping and bending

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by StankidyDankidy, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. i topped my baby a lil too early so its growth was very slow in the beginning, now that it has recovered its bushy as ALL hell! my buddy (grow partner/house) bent the plant for a few days before we decided to stop bending it because it started gettin too complex.. i got like branches everywhere tops all over the place its a mess. i don't want to cut leaves off to make room for more growth tips but i dunno.. what should i do? this shits bushy as balls and confusing!

    i got her growin under a 400watt matal halide light with 2 other plants.

    one more question if you guys could answer. is it ok to set the light to 12/12 for like 3 days to pre flower with seedlings in the room?
  2. wow I'd love to see a picture of this one. i'll stay tuned.
  3. ill try n get some pictures up.. its fuckin insane im scared
  4. sounds like a crazy Fuji Skunk strain lol

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