Topped plants, Weird outcome

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  1. Okay so I have these plants in my window, I have 6 of them in water bottles that ive cut the tops off of. They got to be about 8" tall and so i topped them, and now it seems that the 2 leaves on the outside of the stalk are growing, but the main stalk isnt getting any longer. I topped them about a week ago and havent noticed any growth of the stalk, just the leaves on the side. If someone could help me, Id appreciate it. Sorry for no pics, My phone is off and thats the only means for pictures i have.
  2. Umm :confused:

    Thats the whole point of topping.. you clip the stalk and the two branches that pop out are the new "TOPS"... you could top a topped top that has been topped several times... each time you should get 2 out of 1
  3. Oh i figured there would be like actual stalks coming out, these are just leaves but im sure itll turn into somethin. First time growin so i pry sounded a bit dumb lol.
  4. Not dumb, dumb is when you don't ask the question. No dumb questions.

    Topping isn't just for multiple tops, it also increases the width, or bushyness, of the plant so that's it's wider and not all tall.
  5. ^great answer, thanks, +rep

  6. Well I figured that was in the context. more tops = more width... atleast in my head! :smoke:
  7. I think he deserves some rep as well :hello:
  8. In my head too, but i think a lot of folks don't realize that all the way down the meristem the side branches will add in length before the thing will elongate again, and they get suprised when it happens, sometimes nothing happens on top for like two weeks and they get wigged out about having done something horrendous. So i thought to mention it. No biggie.

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