topped plant but it only grew 1 new growth

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  1. Ive been having issues with this plant since it started. My others are all doing perfectly. Although theyre autos or not big enough yet so they havent been topped. I think this one is just crummy genetics maybe. Funky leaves etc ... I topped it 3 days ago and now i can see its growing a new top but only 1. The other side is growing nothing and is just bare. Does she still have time to grow that second one or am i stuck just waiting for the one to grow and try again. Just looking for some personal experience.
  2. Sometimes it just doesn't work out... on my little side plant I have going I topped three times... the one top and then I topped both tops... one top took one top didn't so I ended up with three... it happens imo.

    I will say though however.. I topped them while they were still pretty small I should of let them grow out a bit taller.

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  3. I cant get a good pic. I started her indoors and put her out once i noticed she was acting strange. It seemed to help a but but now ive started lsting too. Shes really a mess now lol shes a crop kings green crack fem seed.
    I added a pic of my other outdoor plant. She was a clone of either chocolope or green crack. My brother generously gave me hehe :) im loving how shes looking now

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  4. I also have 1 more outdoors from a bagseed. Off a fem plant of a buddies so im almost certain shes female too. And another one of those indoors with my candy cane auto. Figured this grow id try both in and outdoor. My first grow ended in july i managed to get a lil over 2oz of my plants ( 1 white widow and 1 sour diesel from crop king seeds ) they turned out dank as fuck. I only vegged them a little over a month and for my first time o was impressed with my yeild. Hoping to pull atleadt 7oz off these 5 plants i have going. :D

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