Topped plant, advice needed :)

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  1. Hi all,

    First time grower alert! hahaha

    I'm interested to get some experienced growers views as I haven't seen this online anywhere!
    topped a plant and it's regrown the centre cola along with the two new ones?

    so long story short, started on first grow with some power plant seeds and have topped a few of the beauties.
    When topping one of them my cut wasn't entirely clean, best described as I cut half way through and didn't realised so pulled the head and the second half almost ripped slightly. seemed clean enough.
    I'm kind of using these as practise for when I get some good seeds so I wasn't all too bothered so left it.
    All others have developed two colas nicely, but this little one has decided to sprout two colas but start to regrow the centre, looks pretty cool but SHOULD I CUT IT???

    Thanks for any help or advice:)

    been using these threads to gain an understanding of the plant we all love!

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  2. If I understand correctly, that just looks like new side chutes growing..
    Is she even flower yet? If so, plz post pictures of the bud sites/cola sites..;)
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  3. sorry man I'm baked. I read that back and immediately realised I'd said cola! You're quite right sir.

    definitely not flowering. approaching the four week mark...
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    The small middle one is becoming from where I topped it. the other two are the new chutes. you can see in the picture where I didn't quite top it correct
  5. have found a picture from when I topped. it's not very clear but you can see what I mean. Screenshot_20170823-201414.png
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    I would let her be..Sometimes topping, especially messed up (as in FIMED maybe) topping can be a blessing in disguise..

    About being baked when I top or super crop..I make sure I am only slightly baked before I beat the crap out of her!!..LMAO

    Here are before (1st shot) and after(2nd shot) pics of a GDP I supercropped (about 7 days between shots I think..I can be totally baked when I take pictures..LOL) At the time of the 2nd shot, she was 24 days in I think.
    Talk about scary..SUPERCROPPING is the shits when done properly;)
    8-13-17 supercroped GDP#2.jpg 8-17-17 stacking.jpg
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  7. I think she will be just fine!!:)
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  8. thanks man!

    Haha yeah perhaps in future I should hold back on the smoke haha!The next two I was certainly more careful and they are looking good :) I am more for leaving it to be although not sure yet if it's a she! using a small pc box until I can get them in a tent which is this weekend. have three in there and it's now crowded haha!

    going to invest in a better strain though!

    yours are looking goooood man! not sure I am ready to supercrop hahaha!
  9. Bagseeds can be just fine..I grew out an Acapulco Gold Bagseed from my dispensary MMJ to a finish..not my favorite, but grew out just fine;)
  10. we will see :) all new to me man and exciting!
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  11. Addicting as well, and I don't mean smoking..LMAO

    If you have not visited here lately..go to :
    ..Fantastic free site!!
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  12. yeah man. awesome site!
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  13. Looks like you fimmed. You can snip it, or let it grow out. I'd let it grow. Just depends what you are trying to achive.

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  14. Cut that middle growth off. It will only free up the energy to be dispersed by the plant itself. Most likely to the other nugs. Remember don't be afraid to take off growth in places you don't want it or any damaged part. People forget it's a weed and they are really hard to kill by miss cuts or breaking branches.
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