topped my plants and...

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  1. Heres some pics. Comments, questions and concerns are welcome and encouraged, and help a brother out on the color cause i'm color blind with yellows, and greens :( and I'm not allowing anyone to know about my grow but u guys soo ur my eyes:wave::smoking:

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    sorry bought crappy camera and that one little crappy plant that u see in the background on the first post is getting replaced today with a clone (picking up 3 cause i also have two open baskets):hello:

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  3. those pics are pretty blurry, you should scoot it back a notch so we can get a little better view. what are the temps in the room? some of them look like they might be heat stressed. others have something not right with them, but i can't tell.
  4. temp stays at around 68-75 and the humidity is at 54-60% usually. I'll go take a couple more a few steps back brb
  5. any better?

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  6. yikes gotta go get that one leaf out of the water!
  7. and stop using tinfoil especially on the ground, it doesnt reflect for shit and the bottoms of leafs are sensitive to light.
  8. no tin foil in use here...just had to wrap the tote in aluminum tape so there is no light coming in causing algae growth. You can see many people on here use it such as rumpleforskins bubblebuckets Not really lookin for it to reflect just hinder light coming through to the water.

    If it doesn't reflect for shit then why would i have to worry about the bottoms of the leaves being sensitive to light...just a thought:D
  9. everything looks pretty good except for that last plant, i'm not sure what it is, but it doesn't look too happy. I wouldn't raise your nutrient levels for a while, since the tips of the plants are slightly yellow, but they still look plenty healthy.
  10. for sure thanks:D
  11. I had been spraying em while the lights were on too and I think I could of been burning my leaves so no more spraying stopped doing that a few dayz ago

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