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  1. Hi. So a few ground rules. I can go into why, IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER, but I can't smoke Marijuana and, because of some previous intestinal surgeries, edibles literally do not have an effect on me. I'm looking for a way to topically take THC. I have pain throughout my body and would also like to enjoy the high.

    I have used coconut oil and fresh bud to make a massage oil but this has not worked. I have been looking into DMSO and THC but there is surprising little information that I can find. Please, if anyone has information on creating a topical (for lack of a better word) ingestion engine post that information.

    I would like to stress, this is for my betterment so please take criticism, gramar corrections, and any other off topic comments to another forum post. Let's play nicely children. Thank you so much for your help in making my life more pain free and enjoyable,

  2. Welcome to the city! There's a ton of knowledgeable blades around that should be able to help you, which unfortunately I cannot, but I'll take this opportunity to welcome you and let you know that this is one of if not the best online communities I have ever been a part of. With the exception of a few bad eggs (who generally get weeded out quickly, no pun intended), everyone is very accepting and not judgmental unless you come across as a jackass or something. Always willing to help out and very supportive.

    Good luck man, wish you all the best!
  3. If GrannyStormcrow doesn't make an appearance soon, go google her name and you will have all your answers and more. Just might take a little searching through her site.
  4. Have you tried a marijuana tincture? That might work.
  5. Yes, I have tried a tincture.
  6. Have you tried rick simpson oil?
  7. And if u can i would move this to season tokers or apprentice. You probably get more hits there
  8. Yes, I recommend using jojoba oil for topicals because it is very similar to human sebum - the oil that coats your skin - and easily penetrates the skin. I like to make a cream out of the oil, which dilutes it and allows you to extend your usage by a lot, and it is more pleasing than just rubbing oil on yourself. My recipe is as follows -

    - 22.0 oz distilled or reverse osmosis water
    - 6.0oz cannabis oil
    - 1.2oz emulsifying wax
    - 1.2oz cosmetic grade stearic acid
    - 1.0oz liquid vegetable glycerin (or infused vegetable glycerin)
    - .3oz germaben ( a natural preservative necessary to prevent spoilage/rancidity)
    - (Optional) Up to 4 ounces mixed essential oils, depending on the kind - some can irritate the skin in high doses.

    For essential oils, I like to add lavender, nutmeg, and rosemary, for pain relief, with some menthol crystals added for a cooling effect. Menthol crystals are a vasodilator, which means that they reduce skin barrier function, and improves skin penetration of the oil.

    Before you infuse your oil with cannabis, you should also look into White Willow Bark. It is the original aspirin, and is a good addition to pain creams, provided you are not on a lot of other NSAID's. You can infuse the oil with that first by setting it in a crock pot on low-medium for about 6-8 hours. After that, strain it off and then infuse your cannabis.

    When you have your oil, and everything else prepared, add the water, oil, stearic acid, glycerin, and emulsifying wax to a double boiler setup, and whisk until the mixture is creamy. Add the germaben and essential oils last, and whisk again. Pour the mixture into a container, and once cooled it is ready for immediate use.

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