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Topical Anus Appliance Of Cannabis To Get High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sacerdotal, May 26, 2013.

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    So I can't get high through smoking or vapourizing due to health problems. I always fuck up the edibles or  my metabolism is too fast and I can't get high that way now either. Has anyone tried rubbing cannabutter on their anus to get high? People do it with alcohol and some other drugs (like some pharmaceuticals) so I don't see why a decarbed active THC-full cannabuter won't get you high by topical-anus use. What are your thoughts? I am completely serious about this! I want to get high and have some fun and have the bronchodilating effect of cannabis on my lungs, which are SHIT right now so please be serious about the matter :). I hope it is possible, it would kick ass! :D

  2. Eww why waste weed by shoving it in your ass
  3. my post explains it.
  4. Dr ElSolhy has a few patents on THC suppositories and found that THC hemisuccinate worked better than plain THC.
    [SIZE=12pt]US Patent 5389375 - Stable suppository formulations effecting bioavailability of [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]ÆŠ[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]9 -thc      (full - 1995[/SIZE])
    \n[SIZE=12pt]US Patent 5508037 - Stable suppository formulations effecting bioavailability of [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]ÆŠ[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]9 -THC      (full - 1996)        [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]Here's a DIY [/SIZE]version-
    \n[SIZE=12pt]How to make suppositories (RSO)          (forum post – 2012) [/SIZE]
    Hope that helps!
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    Mature... He said he has medical issues and problems digesting edibles. This is an adult forum, would help if you could act that way, especially when it comes to people not being able to medicate through conventional means.
    @StormCrow for some excellent information though, as always.
  6. I don't see how rubbing marijuana on you're anus will do much of anything...maybe hash oil. I don't know, though, personally never had to do that before.
    Well, insertion would work best. You have tons and tons of capillaries in your rectum, meant to absorb tons of nutrients and stuff from your digested food before working it's way out. For some people with stomach problems that can't absorb drugs efficiently  suppositories can be made to bypass the stomach. Cannabis is no exception
    It is also very useful for treating colon cancers, issues in the large and small intestine, that normal edibles can't always effectively treat due to the stomach acids
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    Thanks, Storm Crow and Doc. So should I put the decarbed cannabutter in gelatin capsules and insert them up my anus or should I simply rub the outside of my anus with cannabutter. Seems to me like the first one is the way to go but I am not an expert on anal administration of drugs.
    TRy this recipe, I'd make the cannabutter per their recommendations and put them into gelatin capsules for insertion. There are more capillaries by far inside than just on your anus itself, much much more. I doubt rubbing cannabutter will do much besides moisturize your opening :p
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    thx. However, they are talking about the Rick Simpson's oil so the measures are way off compared to cannabutter (much more THC in RSO).
  11. I'd follow storms instructions (link in her post) she is an expert in EVERYTHING marijuana.. :)

    Also, I hope what ever you have going on gets better. Best of luck to you!
    True, you'd have to experiment with dosages I suppose using regular cannabis. I'd imagine it would be much more potent than edible dosages, 0.5g cannabis in one dose would probably be very intense.
  13. There was someone on here that did this, I think he just made butter with the weed, then put it into capsules and froze them so he could booty bump them.
  14. I think you should continue pursuing the edibles route , since suppository seems like an awful lot of trouble imo.
  15. #17 Dr. Sheldon Cooper, May 26, 2013
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    You'd prepare a suppository the same way you would edibles, if anything if he has digestive problems, bypassing the stomach would be an awful lot less trouble.
  16. Don't shove weed up your ass. If you can make a suppository properly, than you can make edibles properly.
  17. However, some people don't digest edibles properly, and using a suppository could properly get you stoned. Properly.
  18. He didn't say he had digestion problems, just that he always fucks up edibles.

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