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Topic for Surviving Reggie Lovers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tylershane19, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Forgive me if my searching skills failed me and this has been already done.

    Shwiggity, shwah, reggie, Tex-Mex, junk-skunk, dirt-weed, skank, brown-bag special, shwag, whatever you call it. That forest green (& sometimes brown), stem and seed infested, mass-grown and most likely imported from Mexico bud that most of us can snatch an Oz of for $60 or less from some shady friend of a friend's cousin. But now that most of the US has legalized mj to some extent, most people have switched to buying their favorite mids and chronics over the counter from their local dispensary. However, there is still a surviving select group of individuals who are still buying those $10 and $20 sacks of the good ol' dirt-weed from a guy who's number they got from a gas station bathroom stall. Whether you are stuck in a state where mj is still illegal, underage, or whatever your reason is. If you fall into this category, then you're like me. And Whether you get the dark green/brown stuff that hardly has a smell or taste, or you wanna show off your $20 sack of regg that is actually bright-ish green and actually has some crystals, hairs or specks of purple, then this topic is for you. This topic is for anything shwag related, like:
    -Posting your shwag pickups
    -Discussing different state's prices
    -Posting/Discussing reggie grows
    -Posting your town's names for shwag
    -General reggie discussion
    And whatever else.
    So, to all the surviving reggie lovers, cheers and toke up!
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  2. I actually just picked up too. I've been picking up from the same place for a while now. The prices are 1/8-$10, 1/4-$20, 1/2-$30, and 1oz-$60. It's been some decent bud the past few times but this time I'm actually impressed. I have an iPhone 5 so it's hard to tell in the pics, but the dark spots are actually purple specks. There's a surprising amount of crystals and hair on it too. And for one of the first times ever, it actually smells like weed. And smells strong. The high is a stoned body high, comparable to indica mids.
    There's also a noticeable shortage of seeds, compared to what I usually get.
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  3. So my question is.... How is this bud grown... yeah I know in the soil it whatever...but how is it different from the mids and medical stuff besides the obvious quality??!

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  4. Doesn't taste or smell the same nor is it as strong... it tends to be improperly dried and Forget curing... if it's bricked up most of the time it was bricked still damp and it gives it a hay/grass smell.
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  5. Mids and chronics are grown with care and usually in smaller batches, regg is usually grown in massive amounts outdoors in poor soil and conditions with little to no care and usually bricked up.
  6. You're right about everything you said there except the strength part. It's true that reggie is usually weaker than mids and dank, but not always. I'll admit I've never had reggie as good as chronics, but I have had reggie before that was covered in hairs and was comparable to some mids in strength. But it all comes down to who you know.

    While it's brought up, I've also had reggie that was almost completely purple a few times and I've had reggie with purple specs all through it both of which floored me. Then again I've had brown, off-the-brick dirt-weed that was crumbly, smelled like hay and was more comparable to tobacco than any weed.
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  7. It depends on the Reggie.. I have had some straight fire Reggie but I'm just mainly referring to brickweed which most of the time just comes out of a field somewhere haha most of the Reggie I bought was some stuff people grew locally and fucked around and got seeded or whatnot... hell here's a few pics of pickups a got that I thought were remarkable for my normal 75 an O
    Reggies kinda expensive here unless you buy QP+
    Around 6-7 seeds throughout the ounce
    Also around 6-7 seeds throughout the ounce [​IMG]
    No seeds [​IMG]

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  8. Damn that does look fire. What state are you in if you don't mind?
  9. I've always had a hard time finding regs. Mids...common AF but then people try to upsale it as dank which is ridiculous.

    I always liked them for making edibles. Same high. Cheaper product. If I messed up (initially) I wasn't too worried about it. Made some incredible 1G reggie cookies as my first edible experience. Bought an O for 80 as I recall. Was ridiculous keeping up with regs connects though. Like...if I got caught would I really wanna get busted for this??? so I stopped and just got better at making edibles but if I had a supplier/deliverer I'd start up again for the sake of cookies :)

    No way on earth I could smoke it though. By the second bowl I'm already kinda high and cannot make it through another for anything. Just too gross. I can't smoke mids though either. So I end up with half highs...keeps tolerance low though and I did know a guy that would do that during the week and fire on weekends.
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  10. Ah, yes. That's the reggie experience. See, where I am reggie is the only choice really. When speaking to a dealer your only 2 choices are "reggie" or "dro". Dro can mean literally anything. It could be dank, but 95.9% of the time it's mids. Anyways, so the "reggie" is $20 a 1/4oz and "dro" is $20 a gram. So instead of paying $60 for 3g of "dro", I pay $60 for an Oz of regg. So because of that, we just put up with how nasty most of it tastes. Coughing, hacking up phlegm, horrible dry mouth and sometimes even gagging (either from coughing so hard, the taste or from hacking up mucus and phlegm) are all just normal parts of the lovely reggie experience. However you do get used to it. I've been smoking reggie for 8 years straight (during which I also smoked our area's "dro" here and there and also dabs, mids and fire from Co and ate edibles from Co) and at this point I really don't cough all that much or anything. Just like riding a bike now
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  11. Reg is definitely worth it if you can't get a good price on dank... thankfully I can get dank for 10 a gram sometimes less... but still an ounce of reg can last longer so depending on my wallet eh... I can always wait for my harvest for dank weed.... trust me when I say you can find anything anywhere for the right price it's just all about finding the right people... go get a warehouse job on the side so you can start looking for new dealers there's always at least a few in each warehouse or dock or whatnot...

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  12. I've had pretty solid success working at EVERY single pizza place I've worked at except one independent chain. Can legit get a job for a week just to get a connection if it "pans" out.
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  13. We call it flint town brown

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  14. Just picked up a $30 1/2oz, and it's a good example of the purple speckled reggie I was talking about. Here's the whole half:
    And here's a pic of a nug with a lot of purple specs (they are the dark spots; I promise they're purple spots in person I only have an iPhone 5 so the camera isn't amazing)
    And so far we've only found 1 seed!
  15. Another question for everyone; How many of you actually get keef from regg? The particular batch I just picked up shown above ^^^ produced an amazing amount of keef:
    That is only after grinding up a few nugs. I usually get a fair amount of keef from my regg, but this is an impressing amount.
  16. Cure the weed you buy may take a week but you'll notice a difference in taste and harshness may even improve quality
  17. You sound like me a few years ago... Reggie all the way because it was cheap and easy to get! I've had some Reggie that was completely seedless and straight FIRE! I've had High grade with seeds and some with lose airy buds the size of small popcorn kernels... bought form a dispensary.. granted it was very good with no seeds... called Jack fruit from Trinidad Colorado

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  18. First time smoking regg I was 18, I didn't know that the middle man I sent away with $20 was gonna bring me back a giant sack of regg. I was pretty amazed at the quantity and I actually continued to buy and smoke it for awhile. Up until I went to get my medical card.
    Funny though, my first experiences with flower were dispensary quality.

    I remember being like "what the fuck" cause it was so hard and stuck together, I had never seen weed like that :roflmao:
  19. Gettin a ounce for 45$ n the late fiends would search out white widow or Maui or some kinda kush for hours on the phone paging ppl driving cross town. not me I buy a baseball side oz down the street for 45$ n smoke all weekend
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  20. Hey has anyone seen this before when smoking bad weed?[​IMG]

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