Top ten things you know now you wish you knew then!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by virgingrow, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Tryin to get some super helpful tips without being so focused on one area of grow. List your top ten tips you wish you knew when you started!!
  2. I wish I didn't tell n e 1
  3. ^^^^^ exxxxactly this ones my first and its on the dl I want a buddy to try it and say wow that's good then ill drop it on him
  4. 1. the right lighting system to start with.
    2. have all my nutes bought and ready before growing
    3. right grow space
    4. not a rental.
    5. wish i had never even mention i was growing. (was robbed, he went underground afterwards because he knows I'll kill him if I ever see him.)
    6. real seeds instead of bag seed
    7. better equipment
    8. Sold (selling takes up entirely to much personal time and exposing yourself to greater risk of getting caught.)
    9. Can't think of 9 or 10 lol

    Since then;
    I've bought my own house. (In a neighborhood where the cops don't even think about coming because it's a big christian place and everyone is really nice.)
    Told NO ONE.
    Bought equipment, spared no expense.
    Bought Real Seeds from a Seed Bank.
    Have pently of space.

    Good Luck everyone with your gardening!:D
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    Nice lol it's hard not tellin people especiallyally your"friends" good top 10 how did the seed bank work for ya! In the states I would assume? I ordered once from seed bank but it got caught in customs lol waste of a hundred bucks!!
  6. I wish I knew my ex was a whore before I married the bitch.
  7. I wouldn't say rental is a no-no, just be careful and make sure you know your cycles.
    For example, I've covered all the basics with smell etc so thats no problem and I know when to expect visits weeks in advance so I can duly prepare for that.

    Otherwise I'd say literally explore every single possibility before you commit to buying etc.
    For me personally while everyone was like " Oh yeah HPS is the way to go " etc when it came down to setting everything up there was no way HPS was suitable for me as I couldn't control its temperature in such a small space with no air conditioning.

  8. I hear that...
  9. I wish I wouldn't have used bag seed. They were free, but they all hermied... I have a feeling them being like that isn't from my grow environment.

    Also, I used Happy Frog soil. Don't, it's too acidic and a pain in the ass to fix. Go with Ocean Forest.
  10. I heard that man! I wish I never married my first wife. I haven't gotten my seeds yet, I ordered them on July 1st, so I'm hoping sometime this week I'll get them.
  11. 1. Not to rush
    2. Make sure you have all supplied before you start germ'ing
    3. To read and read some more and more more more. You can never research to much. In fact I would say research everything about growing and all the ins and outs for at least a month before hand.
    4. To have the right growing media from the start. Its a bitch to start with a shitty soil.
    5. Not to worry so damn much and relax
    6. Practice on bag seed first and do not put a lot of money into it. Just get the general feel of how a plant grows a bit.
    7. Getting Ventilation right the first time.
    8. To always change clothes before entering your grow. Especially if you been outside.
    Cant think of 2 more
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    I totally forgot about doing your homework! I've read a few books and I always keep them in my grow room for easy reference.
  13. 1 shoulda figured out where to put electrical cords. nothin like wipin out on a cord and nosediving into your favorite plants
    2 don't hurry
    3 better security. i had the priveledge of watchin 5 0 walk away with my garden.
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    1. Inside container size isn't sufficient for outdoors. I couldn't keep my plants hydrated my first outdoor grow because I used small buckets. 5 gallon is barely sufficient.
    2. Genetics matter. In the same grow I grew some nice clones and some Nirvana seeds. The Nirvana stuff turned out horrible, while my clones were dank. I didn't do right with anything on that grow but the quality genetics showed anyway and would have been way better if grown right.
    3. Get an early start to grow monsters. Start plants indoors then move out at 1-2 feet tall.
    4 Growing has a lot of hidden costs. Containers, soil, light and nutes are just the start. You'll need trimmers, glass jars, fans, drying racks or someplace to dry and cure. If you're going to keep your grow going with clones, you need a dome, rapid rooters or rock wool, a spray bottle, cloning gel or powder. It's taken me several grows to build up supplies.
    5. Bud shrinks A LOT. What looks like a few ounces on the plant will shrink down to less than an OZ so don't get disappointed.
  15. 1. True type of plant ( expected indica got stativa)
    2. More ph test solution
    3. More fans and ducting
    4. Build the area before germinating
  16. not fertilize seedlings. use a seed starting mix
    2. go easy on ferts- always read instrcutions and start with quarter strength.
    3. when flowering, inspect every plant for males until you are %100 sure
    4. never foliar spray your flowering plants.
    5. make sure your chamber is light proof (including extension cord reset buttons)
    6. transplant to a larger pot if your plants are drinking water too fast. the one way to really kill your plant is to not water it. (withholding water also produces more trichomes)
    7. make sure your plants are getting their calcium and magnesium.
    8. avoid budrot and other molds at all costs!! research about it and dont let it happen
    9. inspect your plants closely and frequently for any unsusualities
    10. clean frequently
  17. @ mjmama25 I hear genetics power kush on my first grow lay year didn't know shit but that alone made that bud kill my dealers lol tons of clones from that lol
  18. 1. is the best! Great advice right there everyone:hello: I did the same damn thing. Well me and my lights took a nosedive :laughing:
  19. Genetics really do matter and I couldnt agree more with you Mama. You get some unknown bagseed or strains you are bound to have pest and stress problems. At least with good breeding and Genetics you can actually purchase beans that are breed to up stand harsh conditions and pest much better than a strain you have no f-ing clue what it is. Marijuana is a tough plant no matter how you look at it, but when you are a new grower it doesn't take much for your consistant brain to start looking things over or under and before you know it your plant is root bound, nute burned and heat stressed. WAA WAA WAAA GAME OVER
  20. 1. lighting and setup (first go around had no clue about spectrum or proper wattage.)
    2. Nut. (had no idea different fert. was nessacary for veg. vs flower)
    3. vent and odor control. (when police came for my roommate, they knew instantly there was a grow)
    4. roommates (fuck them, they are a liability)
    5. patience
    6. fronts (my guy is out and I normally sell his shit, but if you could float me until he hooks I will get you back. Strait BS)
    7. genetics (knowing what you are growing, and having knowledge abou the strain is a great help)
    8. Stelth
    9. Stelth
    10. Stelth

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