Top Ten Things I HATE MOST this week

Discussion in 'General' started by x 4gramBLUNTS, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. not that anyone cares but here is my TOP TEN THINGS I HATE

    1. Broken diffuser for my bong
    2. paper due tomorrow morning I havent started
    3. mcdonalds here doesnt serve breakfast till 4:30am! BULLSHIT!
    4. fat chicks who squeek
    5. A-ROD! cheat'n S.O.B
    6. halo 3-very old these days
    7. math
    8. my blunt almost running out( had to kill it while typin)
    9. 2 more months till my next harvest----GROW FASTER :( haha but time = good bud :)
    10. dont get paid till friday
  2. you're right, I didn't care.

  3. ha nice.

    that sucks dude. maybe next week will be better.
  4. good luck with your grow dude.
    what about a top ten things you love most this week?just an positive and shit..
  5. is it really fun fucking fat broads? we know you know, so just tell us..
    idk.. i don't like fucking broads that think of my cock as bite sized.. :\

  6. why you focus on shit things ? this thread be full if it was

    10 Things I LOVE MOST this week !!! :)


  7. I got your back on this.
    1. damn that suxs, time for a new peice to make yourself feel better soon.
    2. Get that shit done!
    3. Fuck mcdonalds, period.
    4. Fat chicks are generally bad in all lights, even more so if they squeek. I live by one rule "no fat bitches". This in no way says i cant be friends with them, but generally i try to be friends and they see it as more and it ends with me saying "no".
    5. AROD can Kiss my ass and S my D. That stupid son of a bitch
    6. Halo 3 has always been garbage. Add me if your bored online though xXArsonSaintXx also you should go back to the golden days and LAN H1
    7. Math was my fav subject so i cant back you up here.
    8.Damn its never fun to kill a blunt. my heart goes out to you sir
    9. time = good bud. You got a damn fine point
    10. At least you get paid bro.

    hell yeah

  8. thanks for the support!! these are shitty times!! haha not really but its all good....

    oh and for all original haters of the HATE list...possibility of a LOVE list? hmm..maybe i will be high tonight...actually i take that back..i will be high tonight....i would now but duty calls

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