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  1. I decided to run a journal on these since they were free and could not find any information on them. Popped them in dirt 3 days ago all 6 popped. There in a soil mix I have used for years. A mix of compost made from chicken manure amended with food scrapes, coffee grounds and so forth. There in 4 gallon pots,
    I have been growing outdoors for around 7 years. Will post weekly pics and a final weight and smoke report.
  2. Day 2

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  3. So far temps in the 100s and there doing fine, will post pics on Tuesday.
  4. New pics growing, not sure how they compare to other autoflowers

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  5. Another week 5 are looking good, one is a run. KIMG0005.jpg KIMG0006.jpg
  6. Runt not run, here's a pic of my little patch KIMG0007.jpg . 2 sativa 2 indica both from my fruit of the gods x gdp. Still getting 3 phenos but I like to be surprised
  7. Two have started to show male flowers, one runt so 3 for 6 . Will keep the strongest male and make seeds for future projects.
  8. Another male , sofar I am un impressed . Three makes to fast one slower. A runt I pulled. So two plants out of 6 are female.
  9. Two are flowering all three male flowers are not providing pollen. So I'm going to grow out the two and report back.
  10. I'll post a weight and smoke report of top Tao micron as well. Decided to pop a few of those today in place of the males
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  12. Still growing got maybe 4 weeks of flower left. Might not be autos. Got a branch cloning ATM in water.

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  13. Auto or not looks great!
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