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Discussion in 'General' started by automaticlover, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow members of GC...this thread is for those of you who have smoked various strains such as myself. So I'm just wondering...what are the top strains you have smoked on and why?

    Mine are:
    Purple diesel
    & recently some amazing 1st my guy said purple kush but about a week and a half later he said he had purple haze so I'm not too sure if he got rid of the pk and got the ph next or if it was just some random purple but it was so good. a one-hitter quitter for sure

    Purple diesel was so dank and the high was awesome and lasted for a couple of hours

    G-13 was extremely potent. 1 hit and I was high for a good 3-4 hours..I have a low tolerance though

    I just tried trainwreck recently and I fucking LOVE it...I'm a fan of sativas so considering it's sativa dominant it definitely treats me well and it's great for daytime use:smoke:

    That purple was just terrific. Nuff said:cool:
  2. Bubblegum kush
    Some orange shit I had
    Granddaddy purple kush

    Prob on the top of my list
  3. Op it wasn't purple haze it's extinct
  4. I know this, but I have heard of a new purple haze... there are purple strains and there is haze so maybe growers crossed and made a new "purple haze"

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