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    just made the best noodles ever :D

    i made the ramen like normal, then i added the chicken flavoring packet, then i added soy sauce and teriyaki sauce.

    then i drained it so there was very little broth and added hotsauce, and i have to say this shits amazing.

    try it out :smoking:
  2. try doing that, but add cheese after you drain. Shits good.
  3. Next time you make it, tear up pieces of cheese and spread the goodness.
  4. ill try that tomorrow, thanks :smoking:

    wait should i just make the noodles and add cheese? or should i add the flavoring packet, hot sauce, soy sauce, and teriyaki then cheese?
  5. dude those packs have like 2 years worth of sodium
  6. Before I add the seasoning, I always drain the excess water because if you put the seasoning on the noodles alone it makes them much more tasey.
  7. i usually drain most of the water after cooking the noodles leaving enough to wear it doesnt make it dry and than add tapatio and the chicken seasoning to it and than put some pepper and its has a kick to it
  8. Cook noodles with minced garlic, drain all water, add butter then sodium packet.

    Another one.

    Take a can of chunky soup (any flavor) use that and a half a can of water add the flavor packet add it all to the uncooked noodles then cook that shit!
  9. Once its almost done cooking, add a egg, some soy suace, and just a drop of 357' mad dogs hot sauce.

    Fucking delicious
  10. I'd recommend getting the oriental flavor and adding curry powder and cayenne pepper. I don't eat meat, but I'm sure most do, so you might think about adding in shrimp or something as well. I'm sure it'd be good.

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