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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by weedboss, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. How bout spicing up the city more by giving the Top Poster at the end of the month a prize from the GC Shop. You could record the number of posts and at the end of each month one of u Moderators can annouce the winner whether it b u or someone else. If this is possible then things will have to be done properly and we should have a little 'Post Box' of how many times we posted on our screens on the main forum and another little 'Post Box' for the actual leading poster of the month. Sounds Good?? Get bk 2 me. Thanx :)
  2. ah weedboss, i see youre up on the top for the 24 hours and up there on the 30 days poster as well! lol..
    as you may know, there is a top 10 posters of the last 30 days stat.. lol, while I would LOVE a 'prize' from the shop, this idea isnt going to fly very well..whose to say people just dont start posting really random and useless posts just to get their post count high. I can see this a mess waiting to happen.
  3. i take it alot of unwanted posts will be posted but there are ways around this. There would be rules obvipusly and someone to moderate the actual posts (Top 10). If there is just flooding of unnecessary material then that persons posts that were being recorded for top poster will be freezed for the month. its hard to talk bout it when its just at it's Foundation, but will u consider this idea at all into more depth?
  4. sooooo... should i commence with the useless posting yet.....:D
  5. No thanks :D. We have enough work already without more...............
  6. well the moderators would always win.. We can delete all your post for the last 30 days.. Ours would be the only post left..

    Sensi would be the first winner, followed by RMJL.. then the rest of us would take turns till we all had everything the city had to offer. Then we may let some one else win before we started all over again!!!!!

    That would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh woteva bottm line iLL out smoke n e ov u.
  8. You'd better hurry up then..

    Criiter is on his second oz of the day!!!!!
  9. i got my 2g spliff which has actually been posted on that rollin joint thread and it's gona be blazed n all ya gona b amazed or erased but not fazed i chat shit cause im so fuckin dazed whilst smokin sum Purple Haze.
  10. And Critters probablly on his 50th Can of FOsters,damn alcoholics :D

  11. Critter isn't an alcoholic..............................Alcoholics want to quit!!!!!!!!
  12. what Bud Head said.:D
  13. See even stoned I am right 99% of the time! LOL
  14. he is onto something with this though... im not just saying that cos i got post diarrehoa ...

    how about a MVB (most valued blade) award every month?

    determined not by post counts but by a vote from the admin and mods?

    sound good?
  15. what is this.... one big popularity contest? :D

  16. Ok of we are going to do this..............we would need to nominate the most valuable person to win this award..

    I nominate SJ..............................antone who disagrees will be banned!!!!!LMAO

    SJ is the most valuable person.. With out him............... we wouldn't have our little home here......and we couldn't be able to nominate any one!!!

  17. WTF!!!?? that came as a suprise to me. really? all? nah... :p BS u speek.
    thnx for the flattering compliment though.

    but it still doesnt get you my vote. :D


    and i'm not saying that because of the threat (grrrr @ bud head), but because of all the other stuff he say. its true... without superjoint we would have nothing. we all owe SuperJ alot... so go buy a pipe! lol

    oh.. i just read that... sorry... my mistake... we didnt get threatened... it was just that guy antonewho gets banned if he doesnt vote for superj. :D heehee.
  18. lol!

    i'm not editing that.... its funnier than i planned.

    i can think of few things at this moment that are funnier than someone trying to make light ridicule of anothers humerous typo, whilst making 5 typos themselves! mwuhuhu. LOL@me!

  19. how true it is.....looks like ya already found the winner....

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