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    Hi there quick question. My tent is only 2 x 4 and about 6ft high. I have grown 3 in there before but usually I do 2 plants in there topped and in 12 litre pots with 250w led light. This time I want to grow 3 plants for a bit of variety and not sure if I should top them or not because I'm worried they might get too wide... do you think I should top or not? Will leaving them untopped make it easier to grow 3 plants in terms of space? Obviously I will have to try to make them stretch upwards as little as possible. The strains are raw diesel, mimosa orange punch and sweet zombie.
  2. Top them. If you LST instead....that will make them far wider than just topping. I wouldn't veg for more than 5 weeks either.
  3. Top will have more tops or bud sites on the plant . Doing nothing will look like a christmas tree . Yes topped plant will get fatter .
  4. i only grow in a 1.8 x 1.8 feet scrog and usually have two plants to fill the screen faster in veg. i use a 209 watt home made COB( cxb3050 cobs and 3500 Kelvin for more resin and decent size buds, decent veg light spectrum.onetime my plantsnearly hit the ceiling of the 1.6 metre tent- had light touching the ceiling---- but most of the time since when i scrog better they dont reach over 12 inches above the screen. Especially if 70-100% indicas..
  5. Would definitely top if it were me, especially the raw diesel. That is a sativa dom cross if I’m not mistaken. The mimosa orange punch is indica leaning and the sweet zombie is almost pure indica. May want to account for this by cutting the diesel a bit harder or later before you flip. If you don’t have room to train her down to the level of your other plants, she may give you a headache. Would definitely not go native if it were me. Although, it’s been so long since I ran an untrained plant, I can barely still remember what they look like. Lol. Cheers

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