Top of my plant snapped off.

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  1. Ok a couple weeks ago i woke up to my plant snapped at the top and it was just hanging. i tried to save the top part but it just kept getting worse so i cut it off. Ever since then the spot where i cut is turning brown and not doing anything. Theres just a little hole and im afraid my plants gonna get infected or something. What should i do to the area of this plant to make sure its ok. I'll have pics up in a bit.

    edit: Plants in her 2nd week of flowering.
  2. Heres the pics. would it be ok to leave it or does something need to be done?

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  3. the focus in those pics is a little off, so it's hard to tell, but it's normal for a cut spot to turn brown,
    if it still looks "open" you could put a bit of plastic over it and bind it in place to keep the wound dry and clean

    how's the new growth doing? has it stopped growing altogether?

    good luck
  4. Yeah it hasn't grown at all, just turned brown. I had to take the pic with my phone so you cant see to it to well. Ill try the plastic idea. thanks
  5. by "it", do you mean the cut spot or the whole plant? because the spot itself won't show any more growth apart from healing closed, but if the plant altogether hasn't pushed any new growth you're in trouble
  6. The top of the plant breaking off is going to be a shock to the whole plant. Growth will slow down or stop for a week or so until it begins to heal itself. And the process will even be slower during flowering, because energy is being directed at bud production instead of plant growth. Give it some time, it will recover and continue as it was. A shot of Vitamin B1 in the water helps ease shock too.

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