Top of cola broken off

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  1. Was adjusting lighting and fan has fallen nd snapped a bit off of it. With it still continue to grow? What should I do? Take off cola? I dunno wtf to do. 1 week off harvest. Looks a tiny bit unstable tbh
  2. I would let it continue to grow.

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  3. She's not a massive plant anyways she's pretty small for a week off harvest. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped.

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  4. Every grow is a learning experience. The plant looks healthy, nice job.

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  5. Just tape it - it will be fine.
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  6. So, what did you learn? Enough light? Better stock? Small pot means not a lot. What changes do you need for your circumstances? What was successful and what needs to change? Air flow? Nutes? You are our onsite representative.
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  7. Not enough light. Used no nutes intend to next time to increase bud size but defo not needed to increase strength. She turned herm and im guesssing thats due to interuptions with power supply and temperature control. Are these seeds use able as any others? I'm assuming so. She's around a decent plant with some nice buds still on production. I may leave her an extra week tbh with you what you guys think
  8. If its your only plant let it finish. But if you were having light interrupts then ya the plant can herm. I had herms lasts grow because of a light leak.
    Seeds from that plant or seeds you already had?

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  9. I'm talking seeds from this plant. As I got this seed from a bud I bought
  10. Think she's grown bananas so to speak haha.
  11. There is usually a reason why there is seeds in bud. 95 percent of the time the grower had a herm. Seeds herms will for the most part produce more herms. Basically it got encoded into the genetics. Better just to spend a little money and get seeds from a good seed bank.

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  12. Unknown strains can be just fine it's just trail and error... my harvest just recent my special queen had 2-3 seeds in her... but the bag seed I had going (which had an insane flower time) didn't give me a single seed (though it did start producing nanners at 3 months of flower... got me high just fine I liked it... enough to keep some clones of it around.

    OP's problem was 95% human error most likely

    Though the buds do look good nice and frosty bet it gets ya plenty high.

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  13. Thanks for all the feed back. I managed to purchase a new lady today for a half ounce of cuttings I aquire from a landlord who found a farm and didn't know what to do with the cuts and equipment. (Although he knew exactly what to do with the plants and buds)
    She's in flower but time is unknown. She's a haze strain but which is also unknown. She's been grown very very well

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