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  1. Greetings Associates!
    I am starting my second grow. You can see my first by clicking on my username and going through some pics from first awesome grow. However, it did not come without numerous problems, the highest being odor control. Since I am a condo and apartment dweller, odor is a top priority, something that failed in my first attempt since all ducts are connected and spill into common hall. Knowing head maintenance guy saved my arse and I got plant out ASAP before dogs were brought in to locate origination of source.
    I thought the On a was working well since I stood with head of the apt manager right outside of room in which plant resided in closet without any smell. However, the Ona does not travel with smell that the terpenes or trichs give off and your left with only the smell of your buds, I learned the hard way.
    I am wondering, since I have no way to duct a carbon filter outside and cutting a hole into the attic would be feasible yet the smell would still travel, and Im not sure how far or where it would lead as I doubt there are false walls built.
    So, does or has anyone use a grow cabinet that works flawlessly in eliminating all odors? I looked a at their soil based systems and they look feasible. I only wonder how they work if the lights are off. I need something that has a filter that runs 24/7 and not only when lights are on. 
    I am open to suggestions and directions to any sticky posts dealing with this. I am feeling that I may be left with the only alternative of vegging indoor and taking plants to flower outdoors late summer where pests and other harmful particulates may infest plants. Moreover, I am not willing to risk going to the site to water on a weekly basis since I do not own property or know of anyone who does. I need this medicine for my health, which I do not want to disclose here but it is more serious than most others - not life threat, but something I will live with.
    Thanks in advance- and for those who I talked with during first grow - the afghan kush x white widow turned out to be some of the best smoke I have ever enjoyed, and to think I grew it made it all the more enjoyable to say the least. I am now growing the Liberty Haze I have had ordered with the AKxWW (which was a freebie with the LH) If you get a chance try this plant.

  2. I had the same problem in the past and found that adding this close to the front door eliminated all smell that could leak out to the halls.
    good luck dude
  3. you can still use a carbon filter, you do not need to duct it outside. the carbon filters work by actually adsorbing the molecules that cause odor.
    run a carbon filter and allow it to recirc the air in the grow room.
    keep the O.N.A setup for good measure
  4. I had a flowering white widow and the thing stunk to high heaven until I got a carbon filter. The smell went from dangerous to 0.000% immediately. Absolutely nothing. almost too good to be true really
  5. You need to MacGyver  some sort of carbon filter. It can be done. Growing in a community dwelling with anything less is pure stupidity. Just my opinion.
  6. yes....well tents....much like a CLOSET.  the key is to have negative pressure 24/7. i run PHRESH 6x16s.... O odor.....i dont care what strain you got. mine last for around 2 years, if you are able to keep humidity down.
  7. If you have a large building (warehouse) that needs abatement solutions to keep the neighbors happy, I can help you but for the small rooms you just need to rig up a carbon type filter.

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