Top new growth curling up like a taco

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  1. Hi guys,

    So I'm about 40 days into veg on my first coco grow. Everything has been going pretty well up until recently. Within the last week or so I moved some vegging plants from an 8x8 growing under 4 315w cmh lights, to a 10x10 currenlty running one 1000w double ended. So right now I have 7 plants in the 10x10 under 1 1000w deb. The temps inside this tent are 74-76 degrees with. RH of 55-70 The light is about 4 feet above the canopy with plenty of indirect air movement. So the issue I've been noticing ever since the 1000w has been turned on is a taco effect of almost all the new growth shoots and some secondary leaves. I just don't know how the light could be causing this issue because I have the light 4 ft above them and my temps are on point using a mini split AC. I used a lux meter to test the light output at canopy level and Im only at like 15-20,000 LUX. The only other thing I can think of that is different in this tent than my other tent, is the humidity at lights off. In my other tent I have a dehumidifier come on at lights out, and in the 10x10 where I'm having issues I don't have any humidity control at lights off, just the ac set to 75. Can anyone tell me when they think is going on here? Thanks!

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  2. You wouldn't think it would be light stress with it that far away and temps and humidity in range.......

    But I still would say its light stress
  3. Easy way to distinguish if it’s the humidity you mentioned. Are all the plants doing it or just the ones near the strongest light directly under the light? If the canopy away from the center isn’t doing it then it would be light or heat stress from the light.

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  4. Should be fine, happens when yah move shit sometimes, could be a lot of shit but I would just make sure your letting the dirt dry out and keeping your lights 24-30 inches off the tops
  5. yes all of the plants are doing it. I turned down lights to 50 percent lowered fan speeds, and cut back on the notes a bit. Hopefully I see some change for the better
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  6. Looks like to me heat, zinc, and wind burn, you can actually be blowing way to much air onto the plants

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  7. Im going towards ph issues causing a zinc defiency

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  8. I was looking at your leaves closely, the ones not curled and i could tell you had some kind of defeciency going on, your leaves look similar to a zinc defeciency, they may not be light colored yet but that might be where they are headed

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  9. This is not normal, also not caused by heat, if your temps are on point they shouldnt be curling, but if you have a ph issue that could cause the curl, also the indication of the leaves is telling me you have a deficiency

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  10. Sounds like it is a culmination of factors that may be causing the symptoms. My first thought was heat stress because the leaves pointing up generally tends to indicate that condition. There may also be small nutrient deficiencies that may cause that as well. I would just try to see what kind of results you get from decreasing light intensity and possibly temperature.

    I look on this guide for all plant symptoms.

    How to Prevent & Treat Heat Stressed Cannabis Plants
  11. I just don't know how it could be a ph issue which in turn is causing a deficiancy. My PH for input solution is always 5.8-5.9 I'm anal about checking and triple checking sometimes before watering. However last time I checked the runoff it was 6.2-6.3 How can I fix this fluctuation in the media other than watering more? I water once per day right now because I'm hand watering. Would too much nitrogen be a cause of this? I took a plant out of the room and relized a lot of the leaves are a very deep green.

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  12. Also Im using Canna Coco nutrients at 650ppm and getting that dark colored green. I also use tap water so unless my ph is locking out the zinc than I should be getting plenty of zinc. Idk man
  13. All of them are doing it

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