Top lyericist (spelling?)

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  1. Well GC,who are YOUR top five people to write a good lyeric? Mine are:

    5.) matt skiba of alkaline trio, go YouTube "Raido" or "cooking wine" amazing.

    4.) frank Zappa, love this guy funny as hell. And if you look past the funny he quite right on some subjects.

    3.) frank black of the pixies, "monkey gone to heaven" one of the best songs out their, not to mention "caribo" is my favorite pixies song.

    2.) Kurt Cobain, bit overrated but this guy could write some of the best songs, I can honestly say some of his songs touched my heart and help me form my musical taste, my personal favorite song from this guy is "very ape" at first is sounds pinkish but google the lyerics. Simply amazing.

    1.) donor obrust of bright eyes. For as young as he is he is being compaired to Bob Dylan. Personally I think he is better. When I first listend to bright eyes I thought it was hipster music, but only because of the song "four winds" being on Mtv. But than I listend to him and Jesus this guy can write "we are noware and it's now" is my Favorite as of now, but I absolutly love "don't know when but a day is going to come" shit is amazing and makes me think of what I'm doing with my life.

    So GC post your top five. Enjoy.

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