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top leaves drooping ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by buddahaze1, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Ok s two days in a row now for some reason 1 of my plants tends to just droop for around the last 2 hours of its light period.
    I lifted the pot and found that some heavy thick white roots were making their way through the drainage holes and wonder if this is causing the problem due to being root bound...
    Also is it true a plant can start to flower if root bound??

    Thanks in advance
  2. Preflowers can be encouraged by stress but it's not full flowering. A few things can cause preflowers in veg and it's not a big deal.

    Root binding causes the same root suffocation as overwatering, and so causes the lower leaves to droop most. When a plant is becoming root bound, it'll droop every time you water and perk up as the soil dries. It's roots will also be swirling all around inside the bottom of the pot. Pulling it from its pot and checkig the bottom of the root ball is the best way to accurately diagnose root binding.

    Your problem is the heat from the lights and/or too much spraying. Those can cause the tops to droop. They probably don't droop until the end of the day because that's how long they can tolerate the heat.
  3. Well I always thought that too much heat would make the leaves taco
    As I had this problem before so raised the light up.
    Also I do not spray the plants and I only water every 4-5 days when the pot is litterally drier that ghandis flip flop.
    I like to make the plants work for their water so they will root better.

    One thing I would like to know is when a plant should show sex or is it varies for every plant? Mine are now 23 days old and have no sign of sex but are really starting to smell.

    Thanks for the input jellyman tho its all appreciated :)
  4. You're partly right, actually. Dry heat: taco, moist heat: drooping. Taco'ing is from the leaves drying out and causes them to become crispy (crunchy tacos). Moist heat basically steams the plant like dinner vegetables. There's no drying because of the moisture, and therefore no taco'ing, but the leaves become soft & wilt like steamed cabbage.

    Well let's see what's going on. Please post any of the following info that you're able: the light(s) you're using, how far they are from the plants, how you cool the light(s) & manage air circulation for the plants, room temp and the temp under the lights at the plant tops. I'm assuming this end-of-day drooping happens whether you've watered recently or not. Of course, please post anything you notice about when the drooping is better, worse, or days it doesn't happen at all.
  5. 23 days under what light cycle? Only autos will fully flower without a sufficiently long dark period each day. With standard plants, preflowers pop up about a week after switching to 12/12.

  6. I'm using a 600w hps dual spec lamp that is around a foot and a half away due to heat
    And that is cooled by a fan hanging beside it and the exhaust fan is below here to suck the heat straight from the bub.
    I have two air intake fans with the exhaust so it circulates the whole room in seconds.
    The temp is constant throughout as my bedroom keeps it war and that stay around 75-80 fahrenheit.
    The droop doesn't happen after water but started two days after, I have perfect drainage and runoff. The droop only happens around the last two hours and now happens everyday ?

  7. The light cycle is 18/6. So does a plant not show what sex it is untill its flowering?
  8. When you water, see if the drooping still occurs.

    1.5' away is a good distance for a 600w, light-wise. Don't let the plants ever get closer than about 15" from the bulb.

    For diagnostic purposes, you might try one or two suggestions (separately) for just a day each. Move the light 6" further away and monitor the results. If the drooping still happens, move the light back to normal distance and the next day try spraying the plant tops halfway through the light cycle.

  9. Correct. The only real difference in the appearance of males & females are whether they grow male flowers or female flowers. Males are often taller but height alone shouldn't be used to determine sex. Certain types known as autoflowering strains will flower without 12hrs of darkness.

    You can find the sex of a plant without flowering it by taking a cutting and flowering a clone of the plant.
  10. Ok jelly man thanks for the suggestions.

    Starting tomorrow I will try the light further away for the 18 hour period and will update around the same time tomorrow what happens and if it doesn't help then I will try the other the next day.

    Thanks a bunch man I appreciate the help massively :)
  11. So what was the outcome bro?
  12. Sorry guys nothing that I did that was mentioned here worked. I have recently changed pots to a bigger size and they are doing great now. Thanks for your time jelly man :)

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