top leaves - cut or not?

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    My second grow is coming along nicely, they should be ready in about 4 weeks i think.
    My question is, the top leaves are all pretty damn full of trichomes (yay), and yesterday i decided to snip 3 tiny leaves off, quick-dry them and have a taste.

    didn't expect anything to be honest, but to my surprise i got way higher than i imagined i could get from that amount.

    so, question is, i know many just trim these off, and i know some make oil out of the trim.. but is there any disadvantages to just letting them stay on during the entire curing process, and smoke them along with the rest of the buds?

    is it a taste issue? smoke issue?

  2. I can't answer your question, but I would like to say I just did something similar today. I pulled off these little air buds from a plant that I actually decided to pull the plug on. It's been neglected because I ended up with more females than I anticipated and I didn't have enough lighting/space. Got super stoned off of only half a bowl. And had a very good taste. I was shocked.

  3. My baby started flowering about a week ago and the pistols are popping now, should i clip the bottom leaves so more energy goes to the buds?
  4. The leaves collect energy, which is used to help the buds grow, if I'm not mistaken. I have seen some say that they pull lower leaves to devote more energy to the upper, larger buds, but I haven't seen any actual studies regarding this. I considered the same, but left mine alone. I feel like energy devoted to healing that wound is energy that could have been spent producing buds.
  5. You make total sense, thx
  6. Yes the problem is the longer they stay on even after properly dry they will actually start rotting n have a dead grass smell lile after uve cut the lawn n left it overnite. U hav to tak them off or they kill the pureness n freshness of the killer nugs

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