Top leaves curling under

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just noticed top leaves and some others curling down and what almost looks like nute burn on the very tips of some leaves. Have some red stems and petioles. Could it be potassium deficiency? Just ph'd water and it was 6.3.thanks in advance
    600 watt led in 2.5 ×2.5 tent
    Fox farms ocean forest soil in 5 gal bucket
    3 weeks into flower
    Only fed green unprocessed coconut water
    Ro water 20190810_230213.jpg 20190810_230148.jpg
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  2. Looks like a bit excess of nitrogen, red stems could be genetics
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  3. That's what I thought originally but it hasn't been given any nitrogen. Only whatever is in the fox farms soil
  4. Wow haven't seen anybody use coconut water in a long time. It is actually very good for plants and lots of nutrients. Try cutting the watering with coconut with 50/50 water to coconut water ratio for a week to see if that helps. Good job by the way, plant looks good.
  5. Thank you! I have actually been feeding her about 100ml per half gallon! I'm just concerned with her tips a bit burned and curling under like they are. What do you think
  6. Did you up pot size to the 5 gallon with fresh ff soil or did you start out in the 5 gallon cointainer?
  7. It was gifted to me at around week 4 veg. Started out in small black planter and repotted in 5 gal bucket at about week 5 veg. In ffof 20190624_144131.jpg
  8. Are you using the coconut water mix every watering?
  9. I skip maybe every two waterings I do just ro
  10. I started adding a tsp of unsulfured black strap molasses in maybe once a week since a week before flowering began
  11. Try using more water to get about 20% run off each watering for a week to help break down the FF nutes in the soil. If you tested your ppm run off i bet it is on the high side right now. I dont believe its the coconut water blend your doing since you already are diluting it. FF ocen forest can run hot, and help dilute the HOT side of the soil is to water with 20% run off till the run off ppms get to a desired level.
  12. Nice job! It dont look all that bad really but i agree with what was already said,,i do have a question tho...when adding ur molasses do u just put it in cold water? If so try n use warmer water NOT HOT to melt it a lil that stuffs thick and can cause lockouts actually and by the time it can get fully broken down ur plant will be chopped anyways,,but can be good to add to super soil's that have to cook for few months

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  13. So, last night when I watered, i put a gallon through her to get a bit of runoff. I actually did test my ppm and it was super high, but I thought super soil wouldnt usually give you a correct ppm due to high nutrient content In soil?
  14. When I put my molasses in room temp RO, i just mix it until it looks completely dissolved.
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  15. It wont give you a good range of ppm thats why FF ocean forest is labeled a HOT soil due to nutes in it. A lot of growers, myself included mix it with FF happy frog to make the soil less nute HOT. Watering with some run off will help leach the nutes out of the soil to bring them down so it wont be so nute heavy. Since your in flower you will need those nutes so dont leach out to much, just a few run off waterings at a time and watch the coloring and curled tips to see if they recover. Another indicator of your plant being nitrogen toxic was the deep dark green leaves.
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  16. Awesome thank you so much! I noticed that my soil level is about 3/4 of the way filling the 5 gal bucket...should I add more soil? If so would u recommend ffof or happy frog? Or not adding any?
  17. If your strictly staying with a organic grow, then I would wait on filling the rest of your pot with fresh soil when your nutes in your soil get depleted. If you add the soil now your going to make the ppms higher and burn the plant.
  18. Yes I trying my best to stay organic unless the plant turns south and I have to give it something to keep it alive. Hopefully shes feeling a little better when I wake her at 11
  19. 20190813_112332.jpg
    This is just now. Top leaves that are curled are kind of leathery feeling and lighter in color. Also noticed quite a few orange pistils.
  20. Since your not lacking nutes the lighter color sometimes happens after your lights have been off, they should green back up in a few hours. Also the leathery, dry feeling is more than likely from the nitrogen toxicity. Just leach for a few waterings with the 20% run off, keep eye on ppm run off and keep watching how the plant reacts. Also leaching the nutes out with the 20% run off will rid the plant of the high nitrogen and the plant will loose the over abundant dark green coloring.

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