Top leaves are yellowing in flowering-Nutrient deficiency or excess or lock out

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  1. This is my first grow. I have no experience at all.

    I am growing 3 Auto Haze plants. I think I am nearing harvest.

    Many Trichomes appear cloudy. None are amber.

    They sprouted 11/3/22, so I am about 11 weeks out

    A few days ago I noticed light green leaves on two of the plants and darker on the other.

    Some thought it was a phenotype difference.

    It seems there is a nutrient problem.

    Now one of the plants seems to be much more affected than the other one. The other plant looks is getting a bit lighter.

    Watering has went well.

    Ph around 6.7

    Rh 45-55%

    Temp day 72-80 night 62-70F

    Soil is a mix of perlite and used flower soil and Nature's Living Soil

    I use Fox Farms Trio about half recommended dose.

    I have supplemented with 1/2 tsp Epson salt, tbsp wood Ash and 2ml Mg/cal/ gallon for a few feeds during flower.

    Yellowing is mostly upper leaves and some mid leaves. Yellowing migrate from tips to base of leaf

    Minor burning on the tips.

    Stalks are purple but I noticed this months ago and this may be genetics.

    Ignore curling of sugar leaves top cola. These also had light stress.

    My thoughts are

    1. possible Phosphorus excess. I use 2-3 ml/ gallon of PH down which is Phosphoric Acid.
    I also gave them about 4 feeds which included tbsp of wood ash in water. This is supposedly 10% Potash which should give K+ and P+. I did read that Phosphorus excess is rare and it is hard to give too much.

    1. ? K+ excess for same reason. Maybe the Ash.
      1. Lower leafs I think should be involved and are not.
    2. Sulfur deficiency
      1. I have supplement w Epson salt so I doubt this and also the yellowing appears to begin near tips of leaves and migrate back the opposite of this appearance.
    3. Maybe I have a nutrient lock out from salts but I only feed 1/2 dose fox farms 1 or 3 x a week

    So far I have done a larger watering with no nutrients to help flush anything.

    I didn’t do a real flush because I'm not set up for managing all the run off water and don’t want to lose all nutrients in the soil but I very well may be wrong.

    I just gave them all a feed with the recommended Fox farm nutrients which is twice the concentration they normally get.

    Any one with any ideas?

    Do I really need to do a flush with gallons of water and get a shop vac?

    Should I ride it out?

    Should I harvest soon?
  2. You need to post some photos, the community here will gladly chime in
  3. Screenshot_20230121-183054.png
    Screenshot_20230121-183036.png Screenshot_20230121-183036.png Thanks. I was having a problem posting pictures. I had to screenshot from my phone because it would not accept the regular picture. Not sure why this happens Screenshot_20230121-183015.png
  4. Screenshot_20230122-085531.png a few pictures from today Screenshot_20230122-085420.png
  5. could be an iron deficiency ,,google it and see if fits you plant/s,,,,mac,
  6. Will do thanks
  7. Looks like you're nearing the end of flower, could be a slight deficiency but seems like it's starting it's fall fade, and using up the nutrients left in it's leaves. How far along are you?
  8. I am about 6 weeks into flowering. I planted these seeds after they popped November 3rd. I did a mile flush this morning and started out with flush water of 900 PPM which went down to 500 PPM. I think I have a slight lock out from over fertilizing
  9. top yellow means feed me!
    bottom yellow means nute burn
    yellow veins in leaves is cal mag time

    leaf margins curling (you have this) poor temp control or check Rh%

    but double check your assumptions

    good luck
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  10. Vee, Thanks.
    The very top with severe curling was from the light being too close. The top cola grew while I was out of town for a week, too close to light. Rh around 45-55% and temp day time 74-79 and around 65 at night. I think I have to wait to give cal mag as I soaked them this morning to get salts out of root zone. Maybe cal mag in a day or 2. It doesnt seem to be getting drastically worse over time. I appreciate your input.
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  11. 900 PPM isn't bad if you've recently fed, are you using bottled nutes, how often are you feeding if so?
  12. This morning I got them all in the bath tub and they got a proper flushing with about 9 gallons. I then fed with Fox far Big bloom and tiger bloom and cal mag and ph about 6.1. I went lower on ph bechause my flush was with well water ph about 8.3. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully this will stop the nutrient lock progression. It took me a while to come to terms with it but I finally came around.
  13. usually its the bottom leaves that go yellow with N deficiency ,,so your plants are yellowing at the top of the plant may be an iron deficiency ..try micro nutrients containing iron ,zinc etc ...or google your problem you may find you answer there ....mac.
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