top leafs turning yellow, but bottom leafs ok!!

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  1. Ok my plants are a good month to 5 weeks into there susposidly 8-9 week flower cycle, but the top leafs are starting to yello ALOT, while the bottom leafs are staying green, is this right

    isnt it suspose to start from the bottom and work its way up?

    thanks for the help!!!

    ohh the strain is white widow, im growing in organic fox farm ocean forrest

    i use only a budswell, molasses, ewc,jamican bat guano, and dark energy in my compost tea

    i also keep the ph around 6.1-6.3, and they are in 1 gallon grow bags, about 1 to 1 1/2 feet tall.

    please help!!!
  2. Why all the additives?
    You've probably burnt your plant.
    If you are a new grower, you should keep it simple. When you have some experience, then start experimenting, and with only one additive at a time.
    Your pH is too low for starters, it should be between pH6.3 and pH6.8, preferably pH6.5. Think of it, when your soil dries out, you pH levels gets very low from the concentraded nutrients thats still in the soil. I gaurantee if you took a run off reading it will be in the very low pH5's. Infact it will probably be much lower with all those additives.
    Its hard to say without actually looking at your plant, but from the info you just gave, and if you have good drainage, i'd flush the plant, let it dry out and just use the FFOF, and hope for the best.

  3. damn i was thinking the lil dots on ther yellowing leafs was from the fungus nats, and if i burned my plants wouldnt all the leafs or the bottom leafs just be yellowing and not the top 1s

    i dont know

    i thought my compost tea was light and not heavy, im a pretty expierenced but kinda still learning!!!

    thanks for the help tho!!

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