Top drip system, need suggestions

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  1. Top drip bucket system. Running 4 26-watt cfls that were taken from an aerogarden setup. Two were kept in the aerogardens light hood and the other two are just lying next to the plant. Is this too much light for it? The plant is about a week old. All lights are kept about 3 in away from plant. Temp is usually 75-85 maybe a little higher. Also, how long should the pump be running?

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  2. Never too much light when using CFL..
    85 is WAY to high..
    Should be 75-78..

    seedlings 400-600ppm
    5.8 pH
  3. Ok. Thanks for the help. What about the water pump? Should it be constantly running?
  4. I run top drip as well. I run my pumps 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. Also something to consider, drill a small hole on the side of your buckets right a water line. Then add an extra pumps and air stones! When I did top drip for the first time, my roots grew massive and down into the water. If you don't supply them with fresh air bubbles, you run the HIGH risk of getting root rot. This will in essence turn your top drip feeding system into a deep water culture system, which will allow you to get a great yield. Hope this helps bro!

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