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  1. hey out there. I am totally new to this so I am winging it. I need to ask if anyone out there can help me out. I have some little ladies that have been flowering for about 29 days. I have been under the impression that it will take from 6 to 10 weeks to maturity,after they begin to flower. Question one is that the flowers just dont seem to be very dense. I dont know if they will get much more so before its all over. Also, the little hairs that started out white are now very much turning an indian red. That all makes me think that they are almost done. Another thing, I made sure that all of the boys were removed long before the girls were budding. And all and all there are very few seed pods. But there are a couple on each of the three plants. I plucked one off this evening and i would have guessed it would be white. One-because it wasnt pollinated and two-because it isnt mature. But, the seed was indeed brown. Does that mean that the plant is mature? Or do the seeds brown up pretty early on. I wouldnt think that was the case since I get so many white seeds in commercial bags. As I said any help would be appreciated. I am at present germanating some more seeds to start a new little go. I use flourescent lights but I dont think that has anything to do with anything exept maybe plant size and growth speed. Or does that too affect the bud density? I sure would like the next batch to have much fatter and juicer flowers.
  2. When I grew indoor, I used a cmbonation of floro's and merc. vapor, neither of which provide light from the amber spectrum, and my buds were also thin and "stringy". As for the seed question, your girls may have pollinated themselves, in which case the seeds will all be female. Not sure how quickly the seeds mature vs. the buds, maybe someone else can answer that for ya. For your next grow, if you want dense buds, you should look into getting some HPS lighting.
  3. thanx clone for the info. I had been seriously debating the monatry output for the hps. I guess that pretty much settles that. I am still wondering though how much further these girls have to go before I snip them. What exactly am I looking to turn dark the white hairs or something that I cannot see without a glass? Back to the lihgting though, here goes the debate thing again. I keep reading that if you are a patient sort and are willing to wait that the flos will do the job. And so many others have done it before for so long. So I am wondering if some kind of nutrient would fatten them up?
  4. If your plants have seeds they were either pollenated by a Male (before you removed it) or your plant(s) are hermie. Females don't polinate themselves they are hermie or you didn't kill the boys soon enough.

    About lighting...
    There is very strong opinions about what works best. Let me tell you that alot of people on the net will tell you that thier particular setup is the best. simply stated a powerful HPS will increase your yeild no matter what else you do a HPS will increase your yeild.

    About your 26 day finish...
    They are not finished yet. The only true way to tell if they are finished is if you look at the buds with a gemscope or a powerful lens of some sort that will show you the trichromes (little white crystals) if they are clear then they are not done. when they are cloudy (look kinda white/cream color) they are at optimal. when they turn amber/brown you waited to long and destroyed alot of the THC. Some plants the white pistils NEVER turn brown. (that doesn't matter)The Trichromes are the only true indicator.

    and you were right the plants will not be finished before 6 weeks maybe not until 8 weeks but I have never grown anything that takes longer then that. most end up at around 50-60 days.

    Hope this helps
  5. If your plants have seeds they were either pollenated by a Male (before you removed it) or your plant(s) are hermie. Females don't polinate themselves they are hermie or you didn't kill the boys soon enough.

    I have seen many a "true" female produce a single male flower and pollinate herself, resulting in 4-5 seeds, which were also "true " females. This is completely different from a hermaphrodite, which usually have large concentrations of male flowers intermingled with the buds, and produce hermaphroditic seeds.

    Also, to look at your trichomes, you don't need a powerful scope. A decent magnifying glass should be quite sufficient.

    As for finishing time, Ive had sativas under MV and floros take as long as 3-6 months to completely finish flowering, while many indicas were done after 8 weeks at best.

  6. 8 x jewellers loupe works for homegrows.

    Get 20x to 30x for the best accuracy.

    £15 at your local hydro shop (Esoteric Hydroponics - search on Google).
  7. thanks for the information i am pretty sure i removed my male plants way before the females started to bud. but just maybe some pollen stuck and stayed till they did. but still there are just a very few seeds on the girls. maybe five per plant. i am going into town today to fetch some kind of magnifier to look at the crystals you talk about. i still am not sure that i want to spend the $ on hps. i would like to figure a way to get my flourescents to do the job. again is there any kind of fertilizer that works better than others for getting fatter buds? I use miracle gro for the veg stage and one specifically for flowering plants when i reduced the light. i am thinking that worm casings may be something that would help. anyway my new babies are coming up and i am just hoping for the best. i think this time around i will let them stay in veg stage for a while longer and let them get good healthy stalks and get them as bushy as possible. i absolutely love this site, you all are so full of useful information, i am sure i will be back picking your brains some more. thank you again. milo

  8. Thats called a hermie m8 :)

    Anything that can polinate itself is a hermie.
  9. Ive heard of some big grows that they get some rouge seeds that are femanized. Im not shure how it hapens but they arent hermies.
  10. i did have a "hermie" that i threw out with the rest of the guys, but he/she had definate male flowers and few female "hairs" but my girls are all girl.. no evidence of male organs at all.
  11. Look in the new High Times its has an artical about true females if they bud to long without being being exposed to pollen they will produce female flowers to insure further life and all the seeds sould be females please read up on it for yourself
  12. Get a magnafying glass and lok at the resin on your buds. The little white resin hairs are called TRICHOMES. If the trichomes have a littlt ball on the end of them then the plant has reached peak THC production. These trichomes turn amber as the degradation process begins. This is the best time to harvest. An easier way is to look at your buds. Are they more than 50% red. Then I harvest.
  13. i am going to look for that high times article right now.
  14. just go buy fake bud from high times . . . 60 a lb :)
  15. fake bud? never heard of such a thing. i think i will stay loyal to my first love which is the real deal.
  16. Just wondering? Anyone ever smoke the fake bud from the magazines? What's the buzz like(if any)?
  17. I head it sucks from my local bong shop owner. It takes an ounce to get high.
  18. ya gotta know if it is 60 an lb. and accessible it cant be any better than the fescue in your back yard. but hey if someone can tell me different and be convincing i wouldnt buy it but i would try it.
  19. one more thing can anyone tell me what the envelope symbol in front of my thread listing is? all of the others have a folder symbol. i cant find any explanation throughout the city and when i point to it it tells me nothing. just wondering.

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