Top Colas Flowering Early?

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    Please help,

    Its in week 6 but was just flushed for too low of a ph & over fert. 1 week later i now see some purple on the top leaves when there bubba kush. All conditions are now good, this is soil and im given them 3/4 nutes for the 2 weeks after the flush.

    1. Top leaves are turning Purple, is it a nutrient missing?

    2. Are they ready for harvest? I noticed the top colas are mostly amber and the overall growth has been halted for a week now. So im thinking since it was too low of a ph for the last 5 mths of the plants life (this is my buddies grow now im helping him) and now I'm only seeing minimal growth, new leaves are happy but it looks to me that i have to chop the top colas down pretty soon, correct?

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  2. The pictures are too yellow to see any real issues. Purpling leaves could just be the strain, exposure to cooler temps, or a phosphorous def. The buds look pretty good, but only the trics will tell.
  3. ^What he said. Time to get out the magnifying glass!!
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    Cold temps is what i told my buddy what that was but i remembered theres a nutrient that can also bring this on. The room to me is colder then 78 is what the ac says but thats what he wants for his room.

    Don't the top colas look ready or you cant see in the pic.
  5. can you show me a pic of what i am looking for under a loop, thanks.

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