Top cola was ripped off (stolen)

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  1. I had a literally mentally handicapped asshole rip off the main cola of a formally 40+ inch tall sativa last night. I cut off the ragged, broken part just above the last set of nodes nearest the break. It is one month into flower with heavy buds just barely starting to show color at the tips of a few of the calyxes. Is there anything I can do to minimize the stress. Is there any adjustments I should make to the water, feed, light, ph, get her to concentrate her energy on the remaining dozen or so heads? I'm in so. florida and it is an oven out there with 70-90% humidity, 90-95 degrees F daytime, 80 at night. She is in a 20 gal. or so clay pot in soil which is placed in a hole larger than the container to allow air circulation. She comes inside 12 hours a day into my garage which is slightly cooler and drier than outdoors.

    When I cut off the ragged break, it clearly was wood like, not flexible greenery. Is there anything I can put on the cut that would be beneficial?
  2. cut that tards dick off and stick it in thers:D
  3. Your plant will be fine. Don't put anything on the cut, Mother Nature will take care of it. Your plant will not be stressed out, people top plants routinely with no ill effects. The growers are a lot more stressed than the plants. All this talk about stress from topping and transplanting is unfounded and unnecessary, plants will continue to grow after much distress without adverse effects.

  4. Move em if i was you.
    If they took a bud, they will see it needs another week or whatever and they WILL be back.
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  5. That really sucks, sorry man. You're plant will be fine. Like Points said, they get topped all the time in nature and grow rooms without it being a problem. Lots of people harvest the top and leave the rest to grow longer on purpose. Hope the rest of the plant yields nice for ya.
  6. Bad karma for them man dont let it get to you too much. deff move them you know they'll be back
  7. they'll be back for more. keep your guard up
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