Top cola turned brown/mushy. Plants yellow. Harvest tomorrow?

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  1. So ya. I went to check on my plants tonight after a week without seeing them ( before they didn't look too healthy either) but when i got there and the top cola on one of them was all brown and mushy. i think it's mold, becaasue the past couple days its been raining alot and then got pretty humid. either that or the bud matured so much that it died?

    So i snapped it off, ill add a picture. Do you think it's still good for making edibles? if it's mold then i assume not but idk. will the other buds on the plant get this too? it did seen to spread to 1 other small bud i plucked off.

    I think my plants are done now and i'll harvest tommorow, but I'm not sure, the actual plants seem to be dying and with this brown problem I'm thinking i should. I'll add pics, i'd like to know GC's opinion on this.

    Pic 1 & 2 is plant 1 that has no problems exept all the yellow.

    pic 3 is the new top of plant 2 after i plucked the bud off in pic 4

    pic 4 is the bud i picked off

    pic 5 is both of them

    sorry for the bad quality, cell phone camera.

    please awnser my question!!

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  2. Please awnser! it's urgent, i need to know so i can wake up ear;y tomorow.

    right now i'm leaning towards harvesting
  3. i dont think anyone can tell from the pictures try n get better ones. also idk if you saw the thread about cell phone pics. some phones geo-tag the photo meaning with the right software someone can find the gps location on the pic...

    my guess is bud rot cut it off dry the rest quickly
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    Anymore feedback? If I do harvest it'll be n like an hour , im still debating
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    So I woke up early today and harvested the majority of they buds, I left some small one to see if they will grow bigger.

    And it looks like It was a good idea, because 1 of the bigger buds on plant 2 also got ( what I now know as bud rot).

    plant 1 i left probably 5 grams of bud still on it to see if it'll grow.

  6. Thanks for your input blunt.

    And i thought that that thread was about iphone pics only?

  7. There are some other devices that also do it.
  8. based on your reaction, and what little I can see on the pics, I would say it is mold. Make iso hash

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