Top CIA official admits ‘minor’ abuses of NSA database

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    That's right folks, only a handful of gov't employees abused the all seeing eye system to spy on the ex's. 
    Are we to believe the officials running our gov'ts won't use this power for their own interests? Clearly they are above the law, when Banks are too big to jail and the DOJ can run guns to Mexican cartels, to name a few, what's to stop them from accessing everyone's data for their own personal gain?
    Or am I just a paranoid nutter that should move along because there's nothing to see here? 
    Does anyone have any examples of abuse from the super spy system? 

  2. But what about the terrorists? Save us NSA! If they are actually willing to admit to these "minor abuses" just imagine the shit they are still hiding. Aside from totally abolishing the NSA and showing hard, unshakable proof that it is gone and that those in it are jailed I will never believe that we have any privacy at all no matter what less they tell.
  3. Fuck the NSA.
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    They're only admitting because that info was out, but I don't doubt they'll lie in the future and state that NO ABUSES ever occurred and everything is on the up and up. 
  5. Fortunately, from what I have read, it seems that Snowden has only released a small percentage of the info he has. If he can keep it flowing and release the truth anytime those clowns tell a lie and keep it in the public eye it would be better than dumping all info and these sheep getting distracted after a week or two. He just has to have given it all to Greenwald already or find a way to get it out without pissing of Putin.
  6. Like I really want the NSA to put a case worker on me, they'd be like
    " This guy really abuses Google".

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