top bud smaller than bottom ones?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pure1, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. yeah its weird. my main 'cola' or whatever thats forming, is smaller than a few buds 2 branches lower way below the canopy?

    any idea why?
  2. possibly heat stress?
  3. i'm running a 600w cooltube without any vent running through the light atm but it's 11" away, should I raise it more?

    temps never go above 79
  4. is that the temp in the room or right at the top canopy? for a 600watter I'd have the lamp at about 14-16" away. also how tall is the plant? do you have a lot of pop corn nugs at the bottom?

  5. I have a little sensor hanging level with canopy, and yeah, it's just little ones. I didn't top the plant

    but theres a few good size towards the top that seem like they'll form into each other later into flowering. It's taking forever, small buds for week 4
  6. I noticed this when I tried growing. Eventually the main cola caught up with the other buds and surpassed them. Not sure if it was heat related as I never had a reliable thermometer in the cab.

    The only theory I can think of is the plant takes up nutrients from the roots and moves them upwards, so the lower buds steal all the nutes before they can get to the main cola. Once the lower buds are satisfied with their weight, they slow down on nutrient absorption and allow the top buds to get nutrients and beef up. That is all theory though so take it with a grain of salt.

    Also makes sense why lollipoppd plants can have such huge colas, because it doesn't have lower buds taking the nutrients away
  7. Could be just the genetics of that particular seed. Not every plant turns into a picture perfect plant.

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