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~Top Best Things To Do Stoned~

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bowlz, May 20, 2010.

  1. Play Video Games
    WWF Attitude {Nintendo 64}
    Mario Kart {Nintendo 64}
    Battle Field 1914 {Xbox 360}

    Watch A Movie

    1 - PineApple Express
    2 - Sex Drive
    3 - Half Baked
    4 - How High
    5 - Cloverfield

    Go For Walks Across The Trussle Or Forest

    These are just some of the things i love to do stoned. You say yours:smoke:
  2. ..... Not make a thread thats been duplicated into the millions... :rolleyes:

    But seriously, being outside enjoying nature is really fun high. I also love to blast base-heavy music, it sends all types of vibes through my body when high and feels so good.
  3. Listening to pink floyd at max volume while drinking a smoothie.
  4. You have to go in to a car wash at least one time when your well stoned. In my experience doing that has freaked me out the most the anything I have ever done. I am to tired to watch movies after I smoke so I usually end up falling asleep and as far as video game goes I totally agree with about the "Mario Kart {Nintendo 64}"...But it the best when you play it with a couple buddies.

  6. The other day I spent so much time trying to find Pokemon Snap for my N64 while I was high.
    I wanted to play it sooo bad!!!
  7. amusement park
  8. Lie on a rock face in the great outdoors on a warm clear night with a buddy smoking and talking about the start. You get to see the little stars that move around and you can just chill out and listen to natures sounds and talk about the expanse of the universe.

    Man i've had a great week! :smoke:

    Oh yeah and if said buddy tosses you a piece of candy which you assume is gum then sink your teeth into a jolly rancher hard candy well then your not going to stop laughing for a long while.
  9. dude, I thought I was the only one that liked watching Cloverfield high. I love that movie. for some reason I can't watch most movies when i'm high; i get sleepy and bored, but Cloverfield and The Big Lebowski (especially the bowling alley scene in the beginning) do work on my brain.
  10. oh god yes. that game is the shit, almost as good as super mario 64 imo. which ive 120 starred:hello:
  11. Forest adventures are great :smoke:
  12. Chilling in nature with some good tunes and friends to converse with >
  13. Couch lock and nod off
  14. Recently me and a friend of mine were skimmin' over some tv while we were high, and turns out, El Tigre is the shit stone.
  15. Good convo with a stoned friend, watching tv-= nature stuff like planet earth is pretty epic

    I used to play video games stoned, those were fun

    eating, porn, tv, movies, v games, walking, nature, music

    plus when all of the above is done, sleep, I love falling asleep stoned, great great sleep.
  16. Eat or Sleep.:confused_2:
  17. Go to work and get paid then go home and get laid.

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