Top 5 SOFTEST rappers

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  1. 5.Soulja boy-Coon of the decade.

    4.T.I-honestly he not even just so dissapointed cuz paper trail was so good ever since then he dropped off.

    3..Mac miller-He can spit...But hes bitchmade. I remember watching him on youtube get confronted about a stolen beat and he was hiding behind his boys.

    2.Wiz Khalifa-Almost like the dude got liquid vagina going thru his veins. Not really lyrical and doesnt deserve to be so high up at the top.

    1.Drake- Self Explanitory.
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    I really like Drake...I think he is a badass...

    And so is T.I. so I'm gonna have to disagree with those two. If you listin to T.I.'s early shit he goes hard as can't judge these rappers because you didn't like their last cd. soft one would have to be Ja Rule...he's a bitch.
  3. Rick Ross is terrible IMO. Pitbull is horrendous too, along with most of young money tbh. Only a few real rappers left

  4. I dont even qualify pitbull as a rapper.

  5. Drake can rap,but theres no question on how soft he is. He the type of dude that cries over pussy.
  6. I know that showin’ emotion don’t ever mean I’m a pussy
    Know that I don’t make music for *****s who don’t get pussy
    So those are the ones I count on to diss me or overlook me
  7. Lil Wayne
    I aint never really had no problems wit Weezy namsayin. But son is forcin *****s hands yo. We see pictures of son french kissin Baby….*****s pardon that. He allows Nicki Minaj to release music n hop on remixes 5 times a day for the last 2 years…*****s pardon that. He allows wack ass Gudda Gudda to continue to eat….*****s pardon that. Drake…………we pardoned that. He even puts out a bullshit ass “rock” album…..n *****s pardoned that too. But when that ***** set foot in the booth to croon a ballad called “How To Love”….n expected *****s to really not take offense to the shit he was doin….ayo Wayne we got problems now son. Somebody needs to go stomp the braids off this *****s head yesterday son. This shit is NOT okay yo. How you gon jus out-soft that ***** Drizzy anyway? I thought yalls was family nahmean. You kno damm well thats ya boys lane. But you even took it further than him. I mean that ***** Aubrey got his own set of feminine tendencies to cope wit but he aint never sat down n sang a whole fruity ass love ballad over some Wyclef bathin in the waters of his idols type guitar chords n shit son. You really went too far *****. Son you was a animal back in like ’04 to ’07. Bring back that ***** or some shit son.

    This ***** looks like a transgender Vietnamese prostitute that got abducted by aliens n was cloned but never really finished the process of turnin hisself into a actual human n shit so he came out lookin like he do…but he still part alien n only kinda human lookin now namsayin. Or some shit like that. Son looks like Wiz Khalifa n Dennis Rodman’s love child or some shit son. But that aint even the problem wit this ***** g. This *****s music sounds like shit you hear when you see a geisha twirlin ribbons in the air n shit namsayin. To top it all off the ***** be lookin more suspect than two *****s sharin a hot dog from opposite sides n meetin in the middle nahmean. Am I the only one thats seein this shit? Son looks like a fuckin lesbian yo. The ***** probably marinates hisself in lotion for hours when he gets home son. Why is this ***** even here yo?

  8. Eazy e
    Immortal technique

    Now Mac Miller he is one hard rapper!
    And beibers new song? Damn, J Beiber must be straight outta Compton.
    & don't even get me started on how hard nicki Manaj is! She is a fucking dungeon dragon! ;)

  9. Hahahaha thats where i got the idea for this. that shit had me rollin

  10. Yeah bro.i switch my list with yours. those have to be the softest rappers ever.
    And you heard that new jam by J biebs called "boyfriend"?that shits just too fuckin real....
  11. 1. Rick Ross.
  12. Drake
    T.I.- get off the auto tune
  13. drake is softest rapper of all time.

    And *****s sayin T.i. is soft??? hahahahha dude has like 1 autotuned track on a song that was released 3-4 years ago
  14. ya alot of t.i's shit is hard, its lame as fuck when rappers switch shit just to try appealing to a commercial audience
  15. T.I. isn't soft, but Paper Trail was so mainstream, yuck. His more recent shit is alright.
  16. Tony Starks, is that you out there???


  17. T.i. had mainstream exposure since 04 so how do you not expect that?

    But explain how paper trail is "mainstream" (in the context you said it(implying it was a bad overall sound on the CD)).

  18. -Live your life
    -What ever you like
    -My life your entertainment
    -Dead and gone

    Thats some fuckin pop rap...

  19. I dont think you understood the purpose of this album.

    This album isnt about t.i. trying to be a thug, if thats what you thought, then you are sadly confused. try listening again.

  20. Wow, shit mad me CRACKING up lmfao

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