Top 5 Rappers In The Game

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  1. Who is in your top 5???
    Mine, in no specific order:
    1. Kendrick Lamar
    2. Andre 3000
    3. Drake
    4. Wale
    5. J. Cole
    annnnnd i know this is 6 but i HAVE to put him in here and i dont want to cut anyone : Curren$y
  2. 1. Nas
    2. Common
    3. Earl Sweatshirt
    4. MF DOOM
    5. Kanye
  3. Respect. Not too many give Earl his credit. Hes twice as better than Tyler to me.
  4. 1. Nas
    2. Eminem
    3. Wiz Khalifa
    4. Ludacris
    5. All members of Wu-Tang that are still alive
  5. Soul khan
    Black thought (the roots)
    Lol and gotta give one spot to ludacris for being consistent as hell

    (In no particular order)
  6. This song automatically disqualifies Ludacris from being on my list. [ame=]Ludacris- Sexting - YouTube[/ame]

    Dude had some good music out in the late 90s and early 2000 but he definitely fell off, imo.

    1) Mos Def/Talib Kweli (Blackstar)
    2) Nas
    3) Gangsta Gibbs
    4) Jedi Mind Tricks
    5) Curren$y
  7. No specific order

    1. Kid Ink
    2. Wiz Khalifa
    3. Machine Gun Kelly
    4. A$ap Rocky (Whole A$ap crew)
    5. Nipsey Hussle

    I have many more but these are my top 5
  8. 1. Wale
    2. Meek mill
    3. Tyga
    4. Waka
    5. Travis Porter?
    I'm not too happy with my choices besides wale and meek the last 3 could easily be switched around but theres too many possibilities
  9. 1. Big Krit
    2. Curren$y
    3. z-ro
    4.Devin the Dude
    5.Andre Nickatina
    6. J. Stalin
    I wanna say outkast but they haven't done anything in a while

    [ame=]Andre Nickatina - Sunny Kim - YouTube[/ame]
  10. 1.nas
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    1. Black Thought
    2. Wax
    3. Pep Love (all of Hieroglyphics really)
    4. Andre 3000
    5. Common / Nas tie

    This is rappers currently in the game still. Top 5 is really hard thought.

    [ame=]Wax and EOM: "Coins" - YouTube[/ame]
  12. 1. j. cole
    2. lil b
    3. jeezy
    4. gucci mane
    5. jay-z

    in no order, i think nas fell off after stillmatic btw

  13. the fuck?
    Hip Hop is Dead, God's Son, Lost Tapes
    all came after Stillmatic and were all better than Stillmatic
  14. Ones that are still alive,
    1. Freddie Gibbs
    2. Method Man
    3. Nas
    4. Mos Def
    5. MF Doom

  15. You put Drake and Wale over Eminem? Em can out-rap anyone alive, especially Drake. Weak ass list.
  16. I didnt know everyone was supposed to have the same list. I personally dont think Em is all that great. Hes made a few GREAT songs that i enjoy but I just dont like what he puts out consistantly.
  17. alive is a different story

    1. M&M
    2. Blackstar
    3. Common
    4. Finsta Bundy
    5. Anything with Wu-tang
  18. Everything before (and half of) The Eminem Show was ace. I think he's really fallen off, though, which is why I didn't put him on my list.
  19. no mainstream bullshit rappers like drake should be in this list, (Eminem still although it seems like his label wants him to go mainstream).

    The top 5 rappers still rapping should be mainly underground rappers, or 90's rap heavyweights
  20. ^ Because you make the rules for this thread right? You cant put down Drake. Hes in my top 5 because i enjoy his music. He makes good music. Period. Everyones not going to have the same top. Its all preference. How am i any worse than the dude that has Travis Porter in his top 5?

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