Top 5 Indica strains ???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kingbongV, Sep 25, 2010.

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    In your opinion:

    Want THC level info, value for money, easier to grow the better, the biggest bud yielders, least likely to stress or turn hermie etc.

    Cheers people ;)
  2. AK-48, Ice, Papaya !
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    I would check out some of the seed sellers i found one site that give you all the info your looking for white widow is the top dawg with a 20-25% THC the bud is so white you dont see the green bud.
    here is a link
  4. when budding is the smell that strong from AK48
  5. I like Sensi Star.
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    Northern Lights, or pretty much anything crossed with it. There's plenty of others but NL is known for big yields and high THC. It's also a hardy strain so it's great for beginners.
  7. I would say master kush. that sheit blew me away didnt have a real bad smell till drying but man iether i did something right or it was just a really good strain
  8. if you look at greenhouse seed co the great white shark has more thc than white widow
  9. I'm sure they do say that over at GHS. Don't believe hype and especially don't believe growers descriptions. Trust your good old blades and bladies here at GC. ;)

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