Top 5 Bands You Want To See And Havent

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  1. So there it is...
    There are some bands that I've wanted to see in the past that have changed...Make these present ones...ones that you'd see tomorrow if you had a chance.. :smoke:  Hard decisions indeed..
    1. Gramatik
    2. Shpongle
    3. Daft Punk
    4. Yoshida Brothers
    5. Lettuce

  2. Guns N Roses. .the real gnr...I need a time machine.

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    :smoke: ...but the thread is about 5....current...that you can see today... :confused: ..You are a rebel...
     Yes-I've heard of most of those...and would have put Jack White-but I had already seen him w/White Stripes...But I'd see him again in whatever band he is in-Shame I didn't get to see him when he was with Raconteurs 
  5. Muse may have put on the best show (lights, props, atmosphere) I've ever been too but I really wasn't a fan of their newest album that had madness on it I've seen radiohead twice, the in rainbows tour and king of limbs tour and I could've had some more OK computer but their sets were still killer.

    Mine would have to be:

    1. The dead weather ( this may be possible come 2015, fingers crossed )
    2. Man Man - had a chance to see them and passed it up...fucking stupid
    3. Beck
    4. Queens of the stone age
    5. Gary Clark Jr even though I thought black and blue sucked

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