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Top 5 auto flowers?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Young Dank, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. What's your top 5 auto flowers? Any one no what critical jack is like?
  2. The top 5 autos would be different for everyone. Choose a strain that suits your needs or is a strain you are interested in.

    I recommend going with photoperiod fem'd seeds. More potency and a higher yield. You can also veg to the height you choose

    Before your start, research. Read the stickies here, and read grow books. You may also want to practice germinating and sprouting bagseeds so you don't waste money.

    Good luck :wave: :smoke:
  3. Never grown an auto but that berry ryder looks crazy :smoke:
  4. Afghan Ryder, is a must grow for me, any quick reviews, how strong actually is it or is it lies
  5. Ive grown 8 different auto strains ill list my best 5 that i grew and the best ones to me were...
    Auto Pounder from Advanced Auto seeds (1.4 Oz per plant)
    Auto Skunk Mass from Advanced Auto seeds (1.2 Oz per plant)
    Auto Pineapple Express from Barneys seeds (1.5 Oz per plant)
    Auto Blueberry from Dutch Passion seeds (1.1 Oz per plant)
    Auto Purple Kush from Buddha seeds (1.2 Oz per plant )

    The purple kush was my favorite, it taste, smelled, and appeared the best. it naturally grows a very intense purple color that is a much have for Purple Lovers!
  6. Ive grown critical jack herer before but not autoflower, it was photoperiod and it was pretty good had a nice sweet citrus taste to it. it produces a nice yield too i got alittle more than 2 Oz per plant from 2 critical jack herers

  7. under what kind of setup/light/nutes?:gc_rocks:
  8. Hi all.. I've only ever grown autos from paradise seeds an so far done there vertigo which is really smoke and also auto wappa..
    I'm now on day 4 with:

    1 auto whiteberry
    1 auto acid
    1 pandora
    1 more vertigo :)

    My grow is in my sig if anyone cares to take a look. Cheers
  9. I did 3 Pandora from Paradise, three smurfberry from sagarmatha, and two blue mystic from Nirvana. The Pandora and smurfberry yielded 2 to 3 oz each. One blue was about 2 oz, the other a measley 11 g or so. Ended up pulling a little over 14oz under a 600w. All were great smoke but the blue mystic were gentic screwups, wont buy nirvana autos again. The grow is in my signature.
  10. Hey joker i have seen your results with pandora an that was one of the reasons i got it.. Man i hope i can achieve a bumper crop of 2 plus per plant. Now that would put a smile on my face for a year :).. I'm with you on nirvana autos i wouldn't risk wasting my time on there shitty genetics..
  11. I have a question for the auto flower fans on GC. I'm thinking about using some autoflowers throughout the summer to fill the space in my outdoor garden, rather than use my light dep greenhouse. The normal plants are in 300 gallon pots, what gallon do these really strive at? Can they do well in large pots? i figure I can run multiple runs of these mixed in with everything else. What autoflower strains are the best for yield? This is for outdoors.
  12. 300 gallon pots now that is what i call a pot., i only grow in a very small indoor tent in comparison to your setup mate.. Got no experience with outdoor growing but I've heard autos can do very well outdoors.. What i do know is they like going in to there final pot straight away or to be transplanted very early on in to a nice deep pot.. Most use 5 gal pots but thats for the indoor grower.. As for good strains i only have experience with paradise seeds but i would highly recommend them..
  13. Cool thanks brotha, Yeah 300 gallons is a real hole lol. Gotta love northern california.
    Indoors, I have a 8x8 tent and a large mother/cloning room and a large room room with gavita lights! I don't have a real need or desire to use autoflower during my indoor cycle. But, its been making sense in the outdoor season in place of the light dep.
  14. Yea 3 to 5 gallon pots is fine for autos normally. If I was using a 300 gallon pot, I would just make sure to give them about 24" of spacing and plant a bunch in one pot. They can handle what ever size pot you give them. The only real danger in using too large of a pot is overwatering, which I am sure you know how to avoid if your doing things on that scale.
  15. I wouldn't waste my time using 300 gallon pots for autoflowers. I use 300 gallon pots for all my other strains. The point of that is to get extremely large and high yielding plants. The autoflowers would be used instead of my light dep. For those of you who don't know light dep is, it's forcing your plants into flower by covering up a greenhouse allowing 12/12 in the early summer. I do this so I can have some medicine earlier and not wait until october. I figure using a autoflower saves me the pain of covering the greenhouse everyday. That is the only reason for me to want to use autos.
  16. You probably in one of if not the best location for outdoor grows on the planet ye lucky fooker ;) it certainly does make sense for you to put some autos down in your outside space with all that sunshine you get.. You can do it over here in the uk but we get to much rain in the summer months that kinda hinders the chances of a good yield..
  17. Yeah definitely the best place for outdoors! The thing is with autoflowers is I'm trying to see what a realistic yield. It is not worth my time if I cant get a good yield. With light dep I can get alot of bud. I don't want to have almost 100 autoflowers to make it worthwhile. Especially, since my regular plants are the massive yielders, I would rather be patient and plant a few more of those.
  18. I would say stick a few different autos in as an experiment to see what they can achieve in terms of yield fella.. They are obviously not going to compete with your other plants but it be interesting to see how they turn out.. Don't touch any autos from nirvana tho cos they don't have a good percentage rate when it comes to flowering automatically.. Good luck with what ever strain you choose
  19. Thanks man, I dont expect it to compete with the rest of the plants. I'm just trying to figure out max yield of autoflowers. I will probably pop a few in one of the indoor rooms as a test in the next few weeks. IF I can get a few oz's a plant outside it may be worth it. Ill be experimenting soon.
  20. Its achievable to get 2+ oz a plant, have a look in jokers sig he did it with pandora. I got one going in my tent now an hoping for a similar outcome.
    She's just a baby at the minute on day 4 but another 2 weeks an she will take off :)


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