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Top 3 Weeds Smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skaterguy13, May 27, 2010.

  1. I have a question so I can keep my eyes open to names of weeds
    I haven't really had a HUGE variety but i was wondering what your top 3 weeds are, full names please. I just wanna keep a lookout incase i hear someone selling it
  2. I wouldn't necessarily be looking for any specific weed, cause then people will just bullshit you, & tell you whatever name you want to hear so you'll buy it.
  3. Well im just saying, what are your 3 favorites so far that youve smoked
  4. I don't have much to go by myself but all of the following fucked my shit up: Strawberry Cough, AK-47, White Rhino, White Widow (best Ive had). Ive also had a bunch of no-name strains which can be really good too.
  5. Mercury OG
    Blue Dream
    Pink Kush

    Really hard to say top 3. Bud it bud too me. I just decide if I want an indica or sativa and pick whatever looks best at the clinic.
  6. only named weed i somked was marley's heart and i've still got a nug and its a nice indica like i barely feel a head high when i smoke it , heard sour d is very nice
  7. What are some differences in the type of weeds, kinda newbie question but what are some different effects
  8. OG Kush
    nice mids
    nice mids

    Lol, I've only smoked one "named strain" :p
  9. no name dank #1
    no name dank #2
    no name dank # 3

    sorry, but whats most important is if its sativa dominant or indica dominant and of course the quality.
  10. Another newb question but what the hell is sativa dominant or indica dominant.
  11. do a little research on them.
    but sativa is a more energetic high, whereas the other is associated with sleep and couch lock. for some it seems more intense.
    everyone has different preferences.
  12. i smoked some crab grass shit was dank
    but the best was fuckin dandelion
  13. Thank you haha
  14. xmas bud..... (from bc) use to buy it all the time back in the day and its my #1 i get crackheaded when i hear someone has it and will pay preimum prices aslong as i can sample and for sure know its xmas

    budda cheese...... (this i grew because it has a high yeild and fell in love with it from the taste to the smell and the high is like no other)

    sour diesel.... (smoked last weekend and a tiny nug had me high for 4 hours it tasted like crap and my one friend even coughed so much he puked up his dinner on the front lawn) its the strongest stuff i have ever had and great for that head crusher high
  15. Green Tye
    Mr. Nice guy/g13
    La confidential
  16. Mango Kush
    Strawberry Cough
    Maple Leaf
    Jack Herrer
  17. AK-47
    Unknown name
    Purple Haze
  18. LSD (local grow, and by far the dopest dope i have ever smoked)
    white russian
  19. strawberry cough
    sour diesel
    purple cheese

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